Math debates back on Big Kannon recent blog (check Kannons view here Mc’s inventing new talent, Battle hustle & life!!


  • mike long wood

    dose im in the zone when i get in lmao

  • Velli87

    Why is math pretending to be dumb? We dont need Math hoffa to tell us something different to what we can blantently see. If the sky’s blue he would try and convince you that it green… These high profiled battles ain’t living up to the expectation. one of main factors which contributes to this is the venues. Everyone knows that. Lets be real here.. Hollow vs surf and B-magic vs clips at a KOTD event or DONT FLOP would if been more exciting to watch.. you know why? because the crowds are smaller! You look at all these classic battles – they are held on small stages. Ask Arsonal about don’t flop crowds and why he loves battling in London (INFACT WATCH ARSONAL VS DNA IN LONDON AND COMPARE IT TO URL). Jaz the rapper tweeted negatively stating “KOTD crowds cheer for anything” GOOD! When your watching the battles it looks 10x better. So far every battle on nom3 has either been average or wack. Only thing I support math on is the fact that they are lacking creativity. They have lost the hunger! turning up to battles with poorly written rounds they write the night before and smack is paying you niggas big money?? Forget what math is saying.. His egos to big.

    And if any if you niggas wanna debate this shit see me on twitter and ill give you this work @velli87

    • buckshit

      they dont battle on those platforms cuz KOTD, DONT FLOP are terrible. thats why.

      • Velli87

        If you only watch URL then don’t hit the reply button when real fans of the battle rap culture are talking

      • ohgod

        KOTD terrible? Eat a dick. In fact eat 3 dicks.

      • Aubrey OVO

        Nigga KOTD been had the best film quality for a min now, and their crowds don’t ruin the battles.

      • myian barnes

        they don’t suck as leagues, they just don’t have the same level or amount of talent

  • OhNo

    what happened to niggas puttin up their own money for battles? winner took the bread. niggas wouldnt come up with half ass rounds if theyre puttin up their own money. thats when shit was real. popularity contests are what these are. smack is makin bank off of niggas which is all well and good but somethin needs to be done.

    • ohgod

      don’t be stopid. How you gonna decide who won? My fans will claim I won. Your fans will claim you won.

    • DRE

      Motherfucken real, niggas worship Smack like he invented the shit!! In reality he was just the 1st nigga to put it on a stage where it should have been in the 1st place.

  • Remley

    Am i the only person who didnt see the card for SM3? Cuz im just seein rappers talking about what theyre gonna do on it like it dropped and everone knows theyre on it now



  • da critic

    this nigga flashing his sm3 advance like his money long n shit n he aint no headliner imo

  • Rexchap

    countin money, REALLY? How old are you Math?? REALLY? Grow the fuck up already!!!!!

  • Rexchap

    You have to KNOW some things in order to go to the next level. Most of you niggas are too young and too ignorant to go to another level….you only KNOW what you KNOW. PS. Math, you’re boring as fuck, ya stumble too much and you don’t be saying the hottest shit! STOP ALREADY!!!!


      Real Shit I Honestly only Saw the Nigga win Two battles, Ars….i cant remember the other one lol U corny as fucc Math

  • myian barnes

    I thought Kannon made some good points. I think Hoffa spoke reality.

  • King eightOfive

    whose math gonna battle

  • Jamal

    Nigga said do a Free battle..Fucking idiotic Kannon. Smack get paid mad bread for these views..and its not like battlers get royalties for their battles..the bigger the battles get, the more money the older ones will be worth..they will keep generating views…not to mention every battle builds up smack brand even more…his brand will be worth millions and millions..its already worth a couple why would i turn down 5k to give niggas a free battle..niggas sound dumb as fuck..Math right…and to add it to, once again when SMACK started he didnt pay the niggas who made his shit pop..mook, lux, millz, arty, rex, jones didnt get paid a dime…and those are the people who built smack into a household i didnt have a prob with mook asking for 20k….and im not mad at lux for asking for some point niggas need to be compensated for what they did for battling.. I mean you just not gonna be sitting on an empire that i help build and tell me 40k is too much…in 5 years smack will be worth over 10 million..his shit already hit b.e.t and almost every battle is over 1 million views…break bread…dont pay me 5k-10k for what i did for the culture while you keep building this shit and making a networth in the millions…shit aint fair..break bread..give lux his 40k..he help start smack..and his battle against calicoe help move it to mainstream..break bread nigga

  • MilwaukeeKid

    the only thing i agree with is the smaller venues…those battles POP..

  • Tony Brown

    J.C. will body Aye Verb, and Hitman

  • Matt L Parks

    “Not at a level..” SMH, Big Kannon is saying this as a FAN, not a battler. 50k is outrageous.


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