MCMI WARZONE: Cortez vs Automatic Ray

Okay this is the battle you have all been waiting for! MCMI WARZONE: CORTEZ vs AUTOMATIC RAY at RADIO BUSHWICK, Brooklyn NY, January 11th! To use Automatic Ray’s own words it was “a bloodbath!” But who’s blood was spilt? That my friend, is always the question, isn’t it? To find out, watch the video!

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  • Andre Harris

    Smack when that JC vs Rich Dollaz and John John vs Cortez dropping?

    • Brixxxx

      I Doubt There Ever Coming Out, I Think Those Where Special Battles In Conjunction With Something Else Like Why Con Vs. Yung Ill Was

      I Hear John John And J.C. Both Won Though

      • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

        ORTEZ WON

  • Brixxxx

    Smh Crowd Fucked Up This Battle

    Good Battle I Give It To Ray 2-1 SLIGHTLY, Ray Rounds 1 + 2 And Cortez Getting The Third Why? I Always Tune Out The Crowd And What Ray Was Saying Was Hotter Then Cor, Of Course Cor”s Delivery Was Nicer But Rays Bars Where Way Harder

    Cortez – Cor Needs To Not Get Into That Fast Rapping Shit, He Loses People Like That, When He Raps Slowly He Not Only Sounds Better But Delivers His Shit Better Also, And WHOA Was That Wordplay I Hear From Cor? Actually Good Wordplay At That??? He Needs To Try That More

    Ray – SOOOO Many Bars Went Overheads Or The Crowd Was Meat Riding OD SMFH, If This Was In A Less Biased Crowd You’d Understand What Im Talking Bout And Im From Brooklyn Too So I Know What I’m Saying

    • clash

      Nigga you on crack, Cortez bodied this nigg Bibically!

  • OnlyGirlsBeBitching

    cortez clearllllyyyyyy beat him. ray needs more polishing. good to see cortez still sounding hungy.

  • muta

    cortez top teir its offical now!!

    • muta

      oh my bad3-0 eeeeeeaaaaassssy!!!!!

  • Canin

    Ray needs a lot of practice and work. He ain’t ready. Cortez won easy

  • d m

    cortez kickin dat mean shit

  • niyon

    No bodybag Cortez 2=1. 1st Tez 2nd Ray 3rd Tez good battl Tez been on a little flame streak lately definitely would like to cee more of Automatic Ray even though he sounds like Big Kannon just with better barz

  • Streets Buchanon

    Cortez 3-0 no debating … ” Don’t ask if he top tiers dummy as long as they keep giving him that top tier money “

  • Ray Ray 9

    3-0 Cortez Easy Body Bag


  • SemInitial

    There are votes for Ray??? Wow.


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    Have you ever seen the movie ... What happened to monday...welp I think that type of shit going on right now in real life
    Lolol It woke me up too, cuz the epicenter was here in la that's why we felt it the hardest
    RT @lorde_druciferr: @MRDIZASTER Gawd tier 😀 nobody @ me. ROC cant fw it 😈. @RomeDMV @ANGRYFAN007 @Vada_Fly @Jayblac1615
    Earth quake
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