Meek Mill – Ice Cream Freestyle

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  • Mr.Ha Ha

    Did rex have a durag on with his hat??? niggas still do that o_O

    • donmoneyave

      2k13 league game?

  • Ken Port

    Get the fuck outta here!!! goods ?????? You clearly got bodied by hollow da don. These niggas just cant keep it a buck.

    • Bill Collectors eye

      naw he got round 1 and was doin his thing in the 3rd before he stopped

  • Ken Port

    Rex my nigga…….. fuck them 9 battles you did. You know damn well that all of those battles didnt equal up to what lux did!!! Plus lux bars is way more advanced than your mixtape verses nigga. And goods lux gave you a platform on lions den and yall niggas trying to shit on him sideways FOH!! Niggas be salty ass fuck you jealous ass niggas!!

    • Jamal

      What do you mean my nigga, you sound crazy son.. I think Lux the best too but this is a sport..thats like a nigga asking kobe do you think he better than jordan..and then cause he say yeah. you say he hating..Of course the consensus is Jordan is better but kobe entitled to believe in his career and what hes accomplished.. this is Rex career and his livelihood..this what he do for a living, hes suppose to be confident in his ability, not to mention lux came out and said Rex beat him off caM before..he a hater cause he dont say Lux better than him? thats an opinion my nigga. And its all stages..if you listening to what they said..they said one battle changes niggas perception..before the calicoe battle..lux had his from the old school so i always thought lux was top 3 ever but if you was around..mad niggas said calicoe was gonna kill lux and this was gonna be another cannibus, so dont act like lux was on everyone list, bunch of bandwagon fans..If lux come back and dont have an elite performance the next time..then the perception will change again…you cant discredit everything rex n them have done cause lux had one crazy battle..I could say if Rex and Math aint have their battle then URL wouldnt of started and Lux wouldnt of had a platform to battle cut it out

      • rastaman

        STFU stupid nigga. Yeah lux said rex beat him off cam, but that was “back in the day” where niggas just battled and spit generic bars without preparation. the game has changed since “back in the day”. now with youtube and more time to write and prepare, Lux would kill rex. that rex win means shit. Without that rex and math battle urlwould never have started? Nigga put that joint u smoking down.

        • Jamal

          man you are soooo dumb man..why do you comment back when you can t reason and have no kind of sense at all…lux would kill rex is a fucking opinion u idiot…the battle hasnt happen no matter how much you think Lux would win..its still an opinion you idiot.. Lux has had one battle in the last 6 of the rounds he choked..he still say someone is stupid for believeing in themselves is the most stupid thing a fucking human being could say..kill yourself man..if you read what i wrote i said i believe lux is the best too..all i said is u cant call rex a hater for believing in can you call someone a hater for thinking he can beat someone… u fucking idiot, if you are a lux fan you would of heard him say before that he believes back in the day was harder..cause u didnt have time to prepare..he even said it in the trailer..”we had to come with the work already prepared” …so if he concedes rex beat him thats saying alot dummy..And yes dumbass the rex and math battle is what started the your any business you need a starting point..a jump off event…the battle is what got the URL popping dummy..what u think the battle that got it popping was deacon frost n big t…that rex math battle got 6 million views on worldstar dummy…kill yourself you stupid dick eating fan

        • rastaman

          LMFAO. Yo, your mama should have had an abortion when your father squirted you into her. 6 million views? LOL. U retard. No battle ever has had that many views.

        • Jamal

          Now you can go kill yourself…

          Now what you gonna say..the views are fake right? that means all the views on every worldstarvideo is fake…worldstar views differ from youtube in this way..when you watch it on youtube it counts as 1 view per 24 you can watch a youtube vid 10 times in a day and it still count as one…worldstar count views based on the page by views it means how many times the page was loaded…so like i said go kill yourself you idiot.

  • Gee

    Goodz ain’t lyin not too many street niggaz come on the Internet dass why battlers who talk that shit doesnt have a cult followin..I’m not Gon sit here and say who Iam or What I do but I fucc wit smacc since DVDs so I gotta follow..goodz,Rex,swave,ored,shotgun,calicoe is who I fucc wit for that old smacc feel

  • Ken Port

    Lux never said rex was better than him. He said he got the best of him off cam cause he ran out of bars. Yeah he got a right to be confident but he never keeps it real he bias as fuck. And rex lost to mad niggas like Donny Menace come on son ??????? That doesnt mean donny better than him. Goods a salty ass nigga too talking about rex had a better performance at summer madness 2 foh. These niggas kill me with this bromance and rex just got killed by o-red its quality over quanity at the end of the day. FOH!!

  • DJ Rebelion

    Lux is good but damn some of yall be riding that niggas dick lmao. We all know Rex ain’t better off the fact he LOST to fuckin Aye Verb and robbed that nigga with home court. This shit be killin me how bias this shit is now. Bars over everything.


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