Mickey Factz Vs Danja Zone

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  • DrSays

    Dz 3-0

    • Jamal

      it was only 1 round though my nigga

      • DrSays

        thats my point. not debatable. DZ won this battle. factz lost steam and the crowd. just so you know, saying someone won “3-0” is a term in battle rap that means it was not a close battle. similar to saying a “body bag” which also means the battle was a shutout. it is often said that someone won 3-0 even if the battle was a one-off (aka a 1 round battle) if one person clearly won the battle. now you know…

      • Famp

        I know right.. deez niggaz..

  • smh

    danja zone just got his dumb ass killed…..and i was shocked by mickey factz didnt expect much…but he really showed up … new material new style….. body bag danja aint been hot since he killed cash eatin

    • SlyH

      You smacked Danja zone murdered that nigga

    • Anonymous

      yea obviously u just hate danja zone cuz if u really just sat here and watch this battl and said danja zone got killed lol yea u outta there

  • Cozzo36

    Everyone is talking over the battle! No crowd control maan!!

  • nine5for

    factz got that but it wasn’t a body

  • Sha Money

    close one but mickey got dat one shud of 3 rd it tho

  • ocho

    Not a fan of either but you lying if you say Mickey won. He clearly under performed and danja zone came wit it cu z mickey got a name. Danja killed em.

  • therealestcritic

    Not impressed. The pg’s been goin harder then these bullshit battles.

  • myian barnes

    Zone had some nice bars, he took this one kinda easy. Factz sounded kinda basic IMO, he just used all the typical schemes and setups 90% of battle rappers use, straight blueprint. I need a little more originality out of him, especially since atone point I followed dude’s music…

  • WTF?

    both these cats went in. Mickey came prepared im impressed that the nigga still held it together better then lux after coming out retirement. His bars were decent but nothing quotable. Danga zone had a mediocre start off but toward the middle of his round he spazzed and really to control of the fight. nobody caught a body but i gotta give it to DZ for edging it in the end with his quotable s. This was a decent battle.


      Monkey facts is generic and average, all-though his delivery and performance are good his bars are basic if not below average, he sounds like every nigga on the Url combined not to mention he’s biting lux cadence heavy, having said that based on this performance Big T will kill him.

  • ShawnFoxx

    Everyone is hating or just drunk if there saying Mickey aint come Prepared… Nigga Had Bars, Crowd Participation, Performance, and switched up two different flows… Everyone keep saying oh he sound like everyone else….. Schemes, Metaphors n Bars are all apart of Battle Rap dummies… wat else do u want smh

  • jmoney

    Danja Zone Easily Got That

  • Mayor Bloomberg

    Factz got bars.

  • disqus_TSQbP3pu9W

    lmao good battle but zone won this doe he went fucking off on camera an in person

  • handar

    zone got this i was there for that battle.. I’m was up front red cap in the middle .. yeah mickey did his thing may of been best if he went 2nd, danja spazzed on him hahaha

  • Chris Scott

    I got dz good battle I want to see Micky again tho

  • ArkansasBlacc

    Good shit either way

  • pimpin slimm

    Classic shit…… I edge it to danja slightly


    You would’ve thought Mickey had harder bars by the way he judges other peoples battles and his facial expressions when he’s at battles.

  • imhere

    2, 3 zone defense…mean!

    • Rexchap

      They didnt even get that, you can tell!

  • Ceaser

    Dis was ah good fuckin battle!! Bars on both ends, both these niggas brought dat action!!

  • Galvanized Rap fan

    Mickey Factz came prepared, displayed great crowd control and cadence in his flow and his bars were tight. Mickey Factz just pulled off a Loaded Lux – meaning his very much still relevant to the game after a long hiatus, its irrefutable! Danja Zone was as sick with the metaphors and schemes as ever and his wordplay stay as clever as ever – time Smack gave him the big stage! Classic, debatable battle!

  • Ace Boon Coon

    They couldn’t keep my attention. This battle didn’t leave it’s mark in battle rap. Won’t remember they even battled after a month.

  • 7times

    Big T would’ve washed the floor with Mickey.

  • Pocket

    I hate one rounders man

  • Razor

    Extremely impressed with Mickey Factz… He came with bars, performance and a solid stage presence… Danja did his thing this is overall a hard battle to judge, they should’ve did the full 3 rounds… I liked Mickey’s disses and angles alot more but DZ is so lyrically incredible he never really loses…. Debatable

  • Leave without your hands

    Bring Danger Zone to N.O.M.E. IV

  • Rexchap

    They gassed up everything Danja said…..LOL Danja said OK stuff, but Factz said slicker shit that these cats MISSED!!!!

  • Famp

    This battle need 3 rounds.. Very close.. I like what i heard from Mickey.. but Danja edged it…


    For such a long layoff Mickey did his work. Definitely want to see him go in vs. a JJDD, YK, Mciddy, I’d even give QP another shot. Zone was zoning strting at the middle of his verse towards the end it was lights out. You look a MF face after that Ruzzle line, he knew it was OV. Good Battle no bodybag…..Zone took another head back to MD, PG County in the Building!!

  • Anonymous

    Very close..

  • sampirlo

    WTF fuck all niggas last time on Battle rap Arena was talking about MIcky lost…. What.! He kill Danja zone. Now i know why Jc lost to Young Konnan

  • Anthro-Genius

    Mickey Factz took that, all day 3-0, REAL NIGGA!!! he ninja’ed the fuck out this nigga chopp’in off his legs and arms wit head shots, clean punches and swagged on this nigga HARD, Danja getchu money up, YOU R HURT!!!!


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