Mid Vs Top Tier {Review}

CjCity Discusses the possibility of mid tiers beating the top tiers? Is there even a top tier anymore? What do you guys think?



  • Naylz

    Verb Vs Swave
    Tsu Surf Vs Big Kannon
    Conceited Vs Real Deal
    Hollow Da Don Vs Lotta Zay
    Hitman Holla Vs Jc
    Ored Vs Ill Will
    Bmagic Vs The Deadman (I consider BMagic top tier)
    DNA Vs KG The Poet

  • Black Duece

    Nigga you stupid thinking Tay Roc would be Hitman Holla and Chilla would beat Aye Verb. You a dumb bitch

    • God Aweful

      Hitman really doesn’t say a lot of hot bars and now he shows up with 2.5 rounds on some QP shit so he is very beatable. As many times as Verb has lost, people still act like he is amazing? He just had a debatable battle with Arsonal… a dude that loses every battle in his own league. Y’all gotta stop hyping these guys just because they got names.

      • Raymond

        Hitman Holla would kill Tay Roc on a big stage. Maybe not in a small room, but in front of a crowd, he’s too good of a performer. It wouldn’t even be close. You’re right, his bars aren’t complex, but he has the most memorable battles in URL. He’s got at least 3 big stage classics. It’s not an accident. His style is perfect for large venues.

        And Chilla is nice! But his performance needs work. I’m not a fan of Verb, but in St. Louis, Verb would beat Chilla because a St. Louis crowd would let Verb get off. Chilla spit more intelligent bars, and loss to DNA who wasn’t even at his best. #justsaying

        • God Aweful

          You sound too focused on the crowd instead of what YOU think about what the rappers are actually saying.

    • buckshit

      lol nigga your dumb too. tay and hitman have inadequate bars and chilla would kill verb

  • rexchap

    Daylyt vs Goodz

    • myian barnes

      Goodz might punch him in the mouth. That dude plays too many games.

    • Florida Boy

      u actually wanna see Daylyte? Rich Dollarz smashed him

  • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

    man who is this nigga???

  • ShawnFoxx5

    T – Rex vs Lotta Zay ( Main Event ) Stong Grown Man Bars & Performance
    Hollow vs John John( Who’s the Don )
    K shine vs Jc ( Entertaining )
    O-Red vs Chilla Jones ( Bar Fest )
    Concieted vs B Magic ( punchlines after punches )
    DNA vs Young Kannon ( BARS & SCHEMES )
    Hitman Holla vs Daylight ( Performance )

    Aye Verb vs NOBODY HE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!

    • darkshark

      U dumb as hell…Verb aint trash.and i mean that objectively..if you know what that meanss…smh

  • myian barnes

    O Red has already beat several “top tier” cats(X Factor, Calicoe,T Rex, JC etc, the list goes on). Not to mention, JC is top 5 already bar for bar.

  • Tariq Ansari

    It’s a different level when you’re on the big stage. It’s like college and the NBA remember how people actually thought Kentucky with Anthony Davis would beat some NBA teams? Nobody says that now mainly because only one player on that team has shown he can play at a top level. It’s the same with mid-tier and top-tier it takes more than just “bars” at the top a lot of these mid-tier guys like Chilla Jones don’t have a top-tier package. It’s a business and if I pay $200 I want to see a performance not just hear bars. If I’m running URL I want people coming back and most of these mid-tier honestly aren’t worth the price of admission.

  • Raymond

    A few things. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. Some of these match ups would be good. And yes, a lot of these top tier rappers have been slacking; no debating. What you’re missing here is that it’s not just bars that make someone top tier. Performance is half the game, and that makes you memorable and that gets you a following. Crowds saying your lines and re-watching your battles over and over. All those top tier dudes you mentioned have classic battles on big stages or classic moments and lines. Shine vs. Surf, Lux vs. Calicoe, Hitman vs. A lot of dudes, etc. That’s why some of your mid tier dudes would die in the ring. Yea, Young Kannon has the performance to get at Clips. But, there’s no way Hitman loses to Tay Roc. No way! I would say O-Red is close to being top tier; he just needs a bigger following. And JC is one big URL event from being top tier. That dude is pound for pound the best out right now. Other than that O-Red battle which was debatable, he hasn’t lost, ever. He’s got people in the crowd screaming, “leave him alone.”

    • God Aweful

      JC lost to Young Kannon clearly.

      • Raymond

        I might be biased, but JC is “just too mean, bruh” – X-Factor voice. He doesn’t waste words. Kannon is cool, he’s no JC.

        • God Aweful

          Kannon doesn’t have to BE JC. He already BEAT JC clearly. You might like JC more overall but Kannon proved who was better in the ring.

        • Raymond

          Just because of your comment, I went back and watched this battle. Round one is debatable. Yea, Kannon got a lot of crowd reaction, and he did go off, but he was home; the crowd was hyping it. Second round: I’m not a fan of personals unless they’re true, so Kannon’s round two was not that impressive. And I think the third was the weakest from both.

  • ms marjane

    this nigga ain’t makin no sense. top teir artists got hella classsics already. they set the bar. mid-tier battles are *better* than they used to be, they’ve improved – which is what you want. top-tier battles nearly always have to set a new bar collectively – look at goodz vs x, tsu vs hollow, k-shine vs dna – each battle introduced a unique angle, damn near classic, if not classic. the point is not just to give mid-tier artists access to the top-tier so they can get their shine, it’s to give mid-tier artists proper competition to get classics under their own belt. lotta zay vs syah is a perfect example – two hungry artists go at it, and break ground in mid-tier battles.. you jumped out a window when you said daylyt should be up there.

    • God Aweful

      “goodz vs x, tsu vs hollow, k-shine vs dna, lux vs calicoe…” none of these battles are classics. You sound ridiculous. “Top Tier” bars? The best bars are coming from the “new” dudes. Y’all just aren’t listening to these battlers and are just stuck on hype.

      • ms marjane

        bet. name four classic battles from the last year then.

        • God Aweful

          I only have 3 from URL… B Magic vs Chilla, JC vs Chilla and O Red vs Big Kannon. Outside of URL T Dubb O vs Remy D, T Dubb O vs JC, B Magic vs Lynx, Lottazay vs Daylyt, Daylyt vs KG the Poet, Pass vs Remy D, and that’s off the top. Aye Verb vs Hitman Holla, Big T vs Surf and Real Deal vs B Magic are all over a year old.

        • ms marjane

          Yeah, these battles.. eh. JC is one the few cats out of this selection that clearly shows consistency. B-magic too. B-magic vs Chilla, was official. O-red vs BK was official – ill battle. It’s not so much the bars – KG’s bars against Daylyt were *fire*, the problem is I don’t think KG can really snap like that consistently – his delivery is shakey, and he’s got high school flows. Some of his metaphors sound like the first he may have ever written. Most of these cats come-off like old grindtime era niggas, with the same flows and multi-syllable filler that I’m not really into. Pass vs Remy D? A classic? Stop. Lottazay vs Daylyt was a snorefest. It wasn’t all that. There were bars, yes. As I would expect there to be. But Lottazay was not at his best (with the mask on homie? c’mon..). Like JC, I think B-Magic is ready to move up, but b-magic and lynx..? Not a classic. Not even sort of a classic. Just straight-ahead battle raps.. like most of these other battles you mention, that’s just my opinion.

          I’m not a Daylyt fan, mostly because his metaphors have stretch marks on them.. or are just plain word association…and if that’s cool with you, then whatever. He’s really not that nice, especially when there are cats who were doin Daylyt better than Daylyt in ciphers damn near 20 yrs ago. I like punches that are topical, and *hit* with the hard-style delivery, with ill schemes, crazy angles, etc. But I’m over battles with *just* schemes, name flips, and metaphors (that aren’t wack).. there’s definitely more to a battle artist establishing themselves in the top-tier than just having a few hot bars. B-Magic and JC aside, most of the dudes don’t sound like they pop consistently – they need more experience, not top-tier battles. Most of them would even *say* that themselves. I’m *in* oakland, and both Pass and Remy D’s raps don’t do it out here – half the dudes off the block would burn them up, and *not* even off a gun bars..

        • God Aweful

          I forgot Danger Zone vs Young Kannon. None of these battlers are considered “top tier” but both sides spit that shit for 3 solid rounds. These top guys are lazy with it now and y’all be giving them passes.

        • ms marjane

          I like YK, but he’s a bit generic compared to other up and commers. Frankly, he spit a solid 3 rounds, but he was *barely* fuckin with DZ.. bar for bar.

  • Sammy Nelms Jr

    Um… Rex vs ill already happened in St. Louis so your video within first few minutes showed us your didnt brush up on all your battle history. Epic fail

    • Lejos De Ficticia

      he said ill will not yung ill

    • gangstap

      hes talkn bout ill will dumb ass

  • Sammy Nelms Jr

    My bad then I take that back. I fucks with ill will!

  • Real Nigga

    THIS WILL WORK!!! There’s one way to filter the bs battlers in the URL. Only exception is Swave v Verb, Verb said he would battle Ill WIll??? Go ahead Verb and get killed lol….Its time cause Lottazay came of age, Syah is goin in still. There is a change of the guard, those top tiers cry too much and comin out once a year. Big T Vs Lottazay WHY NOT??? this nigga irrelevant sayin Swave would lose…stop it.

  • 313kev

    I been thinking about the mid teirs alot that Ciddy vs YK was a good battle. The thing is about mid tier its too many and most of them won’t make it to Top tier even if they get their chance they won’t win a battle. That Hitman and JJDD was one of the battles where a mid tier took that next step. DNA VS Chilla was about Chilla needs to get to the punch his scheme takes too long.

  • God Aweful

    He is right. All these top tier dudes are way overrated because they have been around longer. Bar for bar they don’t deserve the spots any more.

  • Brian


    B-Magic vs JC

    Tay Roc vs Yung Ill

    Charlie Clips vs O-Red

    K-Shine vs Hitman Holla

    Calicoe vs T-Rex

    Hollow Da Don vs John John Da Don

    MAIN EVENT: Aye Verb vs Goodz

  • Brian

    Tay Roc vs Lotta Zay

    Calicoe vs Tone Montana

    K-Shine vs JC

    Ill Will vs Math Hoffa

    B-Magic vs O-Red

    Main Event: Charlie Clips vs Chilla Jones

  • Ju

    O red would destroy DNA kno debatin he would kill anyone and be great for lux

  • 317

    Smack!… Who is this nigga

  • onthat

    this nigga don’t know shit. why smack put his opinion on here. This wack ass nigga talking out his ass

  • FAMP

    I agree with you except REX would beat Ill Will

  • FAMP

    Young Kannon .. his on Fire right now.

  • Lev M

    this nigga here is sniffing coke before he made this Vid, i could see it in his eyes


    bmagic vs surf
    jjdd vs calico
    jc vs kshine
    chilla vs trex
    swave vs math
    daylyte vs dna
    charlie clips vs con even tho they both top tier
    swave vs math ” ”
    ored vs big t ” ”
    ill will vs x factor or yung ill


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