Mistah FAB Says He’ll Battle Rap For $15,000 Lux Calicoe, Arsonal & more


  • speedrailz

    Finally. A rapper with balls to get in the ring. shout out to Oakland…

  • myian barnes

    He’s been battling for years though….no surprise.

  • brandon davis

    true definition of a real nigga

  • Florida Boy

    i tell u what his off the top game is crazy

  • ohgod

    Ayo. Check Mistah Fab go in on the freestyle.


  • Wolfpack Toma

    He not getting 15k tho

    • sampirlo

      why not, he can mess with Lux even Better

      • trey

        mess with lux? fuck no

  • HDTheProducer

    Honestly, you have to be worth of an $15,000..you have to be one of the main attraction, or fill up the seats at an event… I cant see mistah fab on SMACK???? maybe KOD, but i wouldnt think they would give him that much

  • DRE

    Never heard of this guy until now, may have to do some research lol.

    • barondebxl

      Damn lol. He been around.

      • DRE

        Yeah, he got past my radar lol….from what I’ve seen this nigga nice tho!

    • Florida Boy

      watch his recent freestyle on Sway N Da Morning

      • DRE

        Yo, that shit was crazy!!!! Almost brought tears to my eyes lmao! This nigga may could fuck wit Lux yo…Good lookin out!

        • Florida Boy

          lol i feel like he could have spit for another 10 min straight if he wanted to

  • https://www.facebook.com/KennethReynolds84 Jericho IG: mr_kenneth2u

    I’m from the Town. I’ll put a F.A.B cd in any day. But he wack as a battler. Jin destroyed him, his style just ain’t built for battling, in my eyes/ears.


    DA NUKKAZ IN DA BACK THO!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!


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