Ms. Fit – Design Her

Murda Ave first lady Ms.Fit keep it high end with everything designer. Look out for more music from




  • Url Stan

    It was decent…….ms fit stop playing get sexy no one wanna see u in big jeans

  • i mean shit

    real shit…i wanna see tittys and ass in a nice dress or somethin i might have watched this whole video..and the hook is a typical battle rapper hook….and take ya fuckin hat off and let ya hair down the fuck is wrong wit yall niggaz lettin this shit slide in new york

  • ms marjane

    there are a million cute bitches, but none of them can really spit. i’d rather see a bitch with bars, than a bitch dressed up to show off her fake ass wardrobe. i like how ms fit handle her biz too, salute..

    • Grindmode

      me personally, i’d rather see a WOMAN with bars.

      • ms marjane

        ..and there are so many women with bars, you have the last 40 yrs of hip-hop to see women with bars. wish granted. I would also like to see BLACK MEN with bars, but instead, we just have a lotta niggas. oh fucking well.

  • brian

    when is u niggas gonna fuk Ms Fit straight. How many of yall think yall could do it?

  • rexchap

    Garbage….SMH…. haven’t ;learned a THING….can SOMEBODY make a record with a BANGIN BEAT??? PLEASE!!!! Get somebody to teach yall about melodies….DAMN !!!!!


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