Ms.Fit Feat Hollow Da Don – BAG

Ms.Fit drops her second record off of her new mixtape “Brand New Bag” titled “BAG” ft Hollow Da Don and (Produced by Whofreshasfitz)


  • moneymakinvonn

    hollow is trash on every beat he get on i have yet to hear a good song from him oun p one of the only battle rappers that actually make good music that u would actually bump to on ya phone

    • Chromezzz

      haha if u dont like hollow dont listen to a track featuring him dumb fucks

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Hollow got revolution and that’s it.

  • Spindizzy

    Ms.Fit loss to Chayna Ashley and Hollow the Don loss to Tsu Surf……. But this joint right here, this is fire. A nice collaboration Fit & Don Lennon. NY stand up!

  • tycarterbk

    Hollow 2-1. Anyway this track is dope.

    • nickeljetson

      Don’t cry kid, Hollow lost get over it. 2-1 Surf

      • tycarterbk

        one opinion to another. Hollow 2-1 maybe 3-0.

  • Dat Nicca

    Nice track! I like the southern feel to it! I don’t expect the NYers to appreciate it tho.

  • ohgod

    WTF. Bitch sounds like Lady luck.

  • Naylz

    Hollow and Ms Fit this track is pretty dope, real talk.

  • mahdi777

    a Hollow fan on the beats, and very unothrodox that he’s nicer in battles than on beats, but at least he enjoys his craft. never seen him switch it up and been rapping the same since. after hearing him battle and freestyle, listening to the songs makes it sounds as if he don’t take his music serious, which why i think most complain, but again, i think that is just him, doing his own thing like most rappers these days, and don’t get a * what others think obviously if he keeps putting out the same music

  • whatup

    This song is trash…fo real

  • ms marjane

    why can’t hollow rap? obviously he can battle.. but why can’t he snap on a track? cuz.. this is molten-hot-garbage bars, no lies. ms fit also changed up flws a bit, and i like most of the shit she do.. but c’mon.. y’all need more gutter, more on-point, more murder rhymes, narratives, conflict/climax/resolution.. some kinda shit. i’ma stop checkin for hollow on the beats, he a real head-scratcher 100% of the time.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      It’s not just hollow. Dizaster can’t flow either,Hollow can’t flow a lot of em can’t.

      Rich dollarz,Arsonal,Big T,Calicoe,QP(Has the best flow he on some eminem shit)Tech 9,Shotgune suge all can flow lon beat and make some hits

  • barondebxl

    I wanna fuck Miss Fit.

    • JAWZ

      Miss fit smell’s like cat shit.

  • Razor

    This was catchy as fuck… Hollow swag is on point he just needs to step it up he coasts on every track I hear him on… It works sometimes like with the copy & paste track which was fire but these were throwaway bars… Ms Fit is cute, if she plays that up a bit more I think she’d make it without a doubt with her rap ability

  • CoolWhipWinston

    Hollow should’ve stayed in the back and out this song.

  • JAWZ

    hollow go 2 sleep.

  • Echo 5

    She did good, but the southern style is not for everybody. Serius Jones tried it, and it didnt seem like a good fit.

  • Echo 5

    Come on New York. I know yall don’t rock like that. Somebody should have told her to get her teeth fixed first before puttin in a grill. Smdh lol

  • the5thgod

    Hot garbage

  • Henry Xcels

    I thought this track was dope, BIG UPS MS FIT and HOLLOW. The beat pretty much made it hard to be whack on this beat. MS Fit flow was A+ and Hollow picked up mid verse to fit the track so I rock wit it.

  • Producer

    hollow wth .. the jumanji line was ok. The rest was kinda light. Im surprised

  • DarealestquotesEva

    wow all is yall talk about is hollow?? He killed Surf period This song got yall talking so its another Win……

  • myian barnes

    Hollow, my dude, get a Haircut before you do another video fam.

  • InTheClouds856

    WTF is this?

  • neallive

    Ms. Fit Look good on this joint too bad she can’t take the pipe…. Good Video Hollow flow is different he could’ve came better though.

  • Jordan Brucey Wilson

    this was wack. both them suck

  • Nate Hundoe Luck Carson

    I fuck that bitch to. BUT hollow stick to battling

  • swish

    msfits dope on this. hollow…not as much.


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