MTV Rapfix Battle Rap Tournament Predictions

MTV Exclusive: Slaughterhouse Announce ‘Road To Total Slaughter’ Battle Rap Show
Slaughterhouse reveal first details about their upcoming rap reality TV series on ‘RapFix Live.’ CjCiTy gives his prediction on what will take plave



  • myian barnes

    Good analysis fam. Two things though, you are completely underestimating two people…..Day and Diz. If anyone on that lineup has the “It” factor it’s Daylyt. As much as I hate him sometimes, he is by far the most creative and entertaining of that bunch. His personality will translate well on camera and MTV will love him. Dizaster is an international star and THE most popular rapper in this lineup, like him or not….and like you said two of the judges(and Em) have styles that lean towards the multis and patterns, something Dizaster excels at. Not to mention, he is the only non black on the show, that alone will have the American populace riding with him.

  • Food4thought

    Did he say daylyt better rapper than arsenol? I know arsonal not believable but let’s be real here

  • D

    It’s crazy how math, big t, and verb made that MTV song like a year ago and all three will be on mtv

  • Jmarshall510

    good this guy dont no shit cuz i talked to ??? and i no whos in the finals


    LOL go to the slaughter house website give them your predictions

  • Strap

    Bro please stop hyping ars so much u sound silly because u mentioned the charron battle like 5 times and just to remind u ars lost that battle 3-0!!!

  • DZ Dee

    Whad up Whad up its ur boy cj city my momma not home right now so I’m blogging from da couch again ahahahaha fuk outta nigga

  • kenji

    Yoo what up its ya girl cj city.
    Man this was the last time i watched a video of you . Full of bullshit


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