Murda Mook and Loaded Lux trade bars setting up their upcoming rematch

Murda Mook and Loaded Lux plugged their upcoming rap battle on today’s RapFix Live. And with DJ Michael 5000 Watts on 1s and 2s and Slaughterhouse looking on, the two warmed up on the mic after Bas and D-Boss set things off.


  • the rematch

    bmagic vs qp charlie clips vs tay rock yung ill vs hitman calicoe vs math hoffa serius jones vs murda mook hollow da don vs aye verb

    • dade boy

      i think its crazy how these boys left battle rap for dead and ya letting these niggas come back. to be honest the reason why battle rap is so big is because of the midwest and some ny artist. moo sucks and is afraid to battle anyone new to me he worst than newborn because all he does is hide and luxe lost to hollow 2-1

      • Anonymous

        exactly….the new era of battle rap are part of the reason why battle rappers get paid thousands of dollars. yeah they are legends and paved the way for em…..but how you gon wait…see the culture grow and demand 40, 50k. for the return.

  • the rematch

    bmagic vs qp charlie clips vs tay rock yung ill vs hitman calicoe vs math hoffa serius jones vs murda mook hollow da don vs arsenal sorry

  • Love

    No need for calicoe to battle math again, the first battle was a travesty. An ugly embarrassment for math…ugh at least he didn’t punch cal for body bagging him though

  • Anonymous

    real hiphop dj seimauto queeens wat up all of dem dudes in dat room is great fire etc real shit


    this video states mook and lux possible rematch and retards are commenting on b magic, calicoe. FUCKING RETARDS.

  • Anonymous

    mook recycling bars again i see

  • lilKevin

    That’s one one the most anticipated battles after Clips and rock go, mook not messing wit lux. he gonna need rex help.

  • Anonymous

    url hurry up and get the top notch battles

  • bundlez

    I needa see T-rex vs charlie clips imo those are tha 2 best doing it right now… set it up !!


    Fuck Slaughterhouse, all they albums was straight trash they just a team of washed up 40 year old bum ass niggas tryna capitalise on the battle rap game, we dont need none of this diva ass shit fuckin up the culture

    • straight stuntin magazine

      yo syko you sounded like a salty bitch ass nigga on the last battle rap arena show talkin all that shit about lux and the uw, you got some nerve calm yo ugly bum ass down p.s your freestyle with goods was ass

  • hackgost

    That was that espn while on commercial break when viewing espn/espn 2 online… lol… hot!!!

  • Trey

    loaded lux murda mook and slaughterhose in the same room, damn

  • grindmode

    WE dont need these mainstream artists….how they gonna act like url, kotd and all the ppl around em, arent the ones who built this culture and made it hot again. you just gon snatch the talent
    away without acknowledging these leagues…the bosses..the talent scouts. at least invite em and let the people know, what its about. slaughter house act like they found these battle rapper in the streets. im glad for the rappers but …that aint cool.
    Battle Rap gon die.

  • biggest battle rap fan

    Mook not fucken wit lux! at least lux not scared to spar wit the young niggas! I can name at least 10 pg nggas that could fuck mook up bar for bar

  • skizz23

    is mook wack or wut?

  • ace

    I thought aye verb said there ain’t no more money in battle rap

  • Da truth

    Aye whoever wrote the first two comments is dumb as hell and true haters murda mook and loaded lux are legends gods in the battle rap world they didn’t leave nothing for dry they ask for 30 and 40k because they put work in for years for free the only reason new niggas are even able to be on this platform is because of what they did them and reed dollaz they started it if you notice the hardest battle raps out now lux started them or they part of dott mob whenever they weren’t battling they were working in the background mook gotta deal with the ruff Ryder’s but still contributed to battle rap lux was starting leagues putting people out selling DVDs and putting on for the cause a lot of yaw new niggas only seen them on those smack DVD when they battled each other or mook battling jae mills but they had hundreds of battles before and after that on top of that those battles they had on camera they didn’t get paid for they did it for the sport so them asking for that much is they getting what they earned just think of it like this if Jordan played basketball his whole career and made those Jordan shoes and everything and didn’t get 1 dollar then his next game he ask for 700 million dollars would you question it the same or would you say he deserved it so why not them too?? Lux mook trex reed dollaz all of them niggas deserve whatever they ask for because they are the reason niggas even where familiar with battling on top of that every new artist that yaw new niggas like took styles from mook trex loaded lux and reed dollaz they added there own flavor but they took there styles and ran with it so I say all that to say stop fucking hating on the o.g niggas in the game yaw should be rooting for these niggas I’m just sayin


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