Murda Mook talks about his Top 5 Battle Rappers And More!!!

Murda Mook From the Url. Tallks about his top 5 battle rappers, Would he battle Loaded Lux Again, His Next Upcoming Projects and more only at


  • Dat_Flyy_Capricorn_Nigga

    That lakshmi shirt hardd

    • Ace Boon Coon

      all that shirt is to a nigga with money is bootleg Versace…

  • SpiT

    nigga aint gon anywhere wit yo tapes….

    • rexchap

      NOne of these niggas are going anywhere puttin out the same fuckin shit, with the same fuckin beats! Get your beats RIGHT, and i dont mean that country slow , rudimentary drum machine beats either! Get something that is RADIO READY and maybe you’ll start to blow up! Until then….NOTHING!!!!

      • Hatin Ass Rex

        I know u pissed one of yo NY heroes put some “country niggas” in his top 5

  • Edwin Stagg

    well niggas aint finna pay that price when its nicer niggas for a lesser price

  • barondebxl

    My Top 5 URL( no order):
    – Hollow
    – Lux
    – Lotta Zay
    – Hitman
    – Surf ( although that nigga is mad overrated)

    Hate on me.

    • Dr. Drain

      TOP 5 URL (no order)
      -Rex or Mook (I can’t decide)
      -O Red
      -Head ICE

  • Supa Grover

    Murda Mook,

    Please battle Rex!

  • KingBKings

    I’d pay for a venue with Mook vs Lux, if I won the lotto.

  • vmantdot

    na top five (no order. besides lux he number 1

    -hollow da don
    -Aye verb ( he been killin shit lately talking real shit)
    -big t or surf
    – hitman or chilla when he jus came out not his last battle

    • M Jordan

      If its based on bars what about B Magic…… He got more bars then anybody….. It’s just his flow and delivery need work

  • Nunu

    BIG YEAR For Tsu Surf… First Hollow, Now Reed Dollaz & Mook. I Hope He KILLS Both Reed And Mook!


      when he gna battle mook my nigga? I ain’t heard that shit yet!

  • Hood Movies

    So thats two niggas that want surfs head Reed dollaz and Murda Mook. yo surf you are a fucking genius. if he battle both of them that will solidify surf.


    IDK Y but for sum reason i wna see O-red vs mook! Its been on my mind for a while now.. ever since he battle rex, i think mayb thats Y. LOL!

  • hackgost

    mook vs surf ???!!!!! aWWW LAWDIE I’M GONNA GET THE POPCORN OUT….

  • Thomas Mack Avelli

    Top5 no order
    -Math Hoffa
    -Yung Ill
    -Tsu Surf
    -Murda Mook


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