Murs Signs With Tech N9ne’s Strange Music

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Murs and Tech N9ne announce on “Sway in the Morning” and in a video that Murs has signed with Strange Music.

Murs has signed with Tech N9ne’s Strange Music, the pair announced on Sway In The Morning today (February 7) and in a video released on Strange Music Inc’s YouTube page.

“Strange seems to be at the forefront of Hip Hop’s growth right now,” Murs says in the video.

The video also shows Murs rapping in a recording booth.

Strange Music also tweeted about the signing today. “If you missed #Hard the first time they’re playing it again right now on @Shade45!!! FEATURING OUR NEWEST ARTIST @MURS,” the Strange Music Inc tweet said.

“We signed a hardcore emcee that can give a mothafuckin’ show,” Tech N9ne says in a statement in the video.

Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin also applauded Murs’ music.

“The shit that he’s about to do with us is gonna be incredible,” O’Guin said in the video.

Murs, who has toured and recorded extensively with Strange Music and a number of its acts, is looking forward to having a signature Strange Music moment on his forthcoming album for the imprint.

“I am so awaiting the end of my album to hear Krizz [Kaliko’s] ass say, ‘Strange Music,’” Murs says.

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