Nas made his over to Power 105 today and kicked it with Angie Mar. He discussed his Time Is Illmatic documentary, reflected on “Ether”, relationship with Jay Z, fatherhood, previous relationships, recent signees over at Mass Appeal and more.



  • RealTalk

    That Fat Fuck Norbes Is a Straight Hater & Phoney B, How You Clown The Nigga When He Aint On , Then Hop On The Nigga Dick After SMH..Smack Need To Put NEUTRAL Hosts on these Shows..too much conflict of Interest 

  • Jamal

    Dizaster is ass, always has been…dont care what anyone of his fans have to say…he will bee boo’d all 3 rounds..nigga said he raps how he raps cause of the crowd he in..Nigga you are who you are…u dont rap the same way for 10 years or however long this nigga been around and then can just switch it up…the nigga gonna do that same rambling bullshit and get boo’ you dizaster fans start blaming the crowd already cause he def will be boo’d to death…

    • <y-dey-madatanigga

      No concept of time having ass nigga..10 years or however long? but this written rhymes format only been relevant and widely accepted about 5 years. Give the nigga a shot like Smack did. if you look at Smack history Smack knows talent. why you feel like you need go this hard talking like “I don’t care what his fans say” type attitude. Dizzy got cha pannies balled up? Smdddack would prolly ban and exile niggas like you if he could. he one of them “lets not give him a shot, imma boo this nigga” fans, URL staff not on that

      • Jamal

        I dont know wtf you talking i said i know i probably been watching battling before you, your into gimmicks and other bs..Now in have to have structure to your raps, tell a story, bring an angle that your using to attack. Dizz does none of that..he raps random bars that rhyme, the crowd over here wont tolerate that shit..he cant call someone in the crowd faggots like the grimdtime/kotd crowd..everyone would look at this Arabian nigga like he stupid..I dont know what you mean by give him a shot..obviously im giving him a shot im going to watch the think diz gonna say something hot and im not gonna give him credit? nigga i aint bias..if he kills he kills but i just seen alot of his battles and hes not skilled at what works over here and you cant learn that on the fly against T-rex top 3 right now.  He’s never battled in this kind of crowd..URL fans know him but they dont really know him..some people only watch URL they dont watch kotd and grindtime so trust that he will be a “who is this nigga” to alot of people..he has to be able to control a URL crowd and i just dont see it happening. Not to mention his first URL battle will be the main event at Webster Hall in front of thousands of people..hood people thats hard to entertain lol cut it out bro your man is dead…prove me wrong if Diz dont get boo’d ill never comment on this site again and thats my word

        • <y-dey-madatanigga

          Arabian ? I thought the boy was white… but now that I think about it DNA did rap to that boy in Arabic. Anyway – You can say all that now but regardless you came strong at Dizz (PAUSE) real strong at Dizz…and hater also a strong word but nigga you sounded like 1. Go ahead and defense that shit now but I could tell you got a lot of hate for the arabian whiteboy sonn
          Okay you know all this info dating “10 years” back about him yet he’s “ass”? Yeah you definitely “giving him a shot” but you hatin at the same time if you still be watching all this time. Nobody else feel like you feel, listening for 10 whole years and the boy still ass to you? I can’t tell you any battle rapper i followed for 10 years and still think he’s ass lmao
          Shit you could secretly be Stan. or in your case Afghani-STAN lol  
          Anyway – I don’t feel like he ass enough to get boo’d So, we gon see
          You just gave a couple terrible reason for them niggas to boo him but  we definitely gon see. – That “faggot” shit not gon work even if it’s bias people in the crowd, an not a ‘blocced call’ fan in the crowd. odds are Diz won’t try that in a 2thousand person crowd. Niggas should be smart enough to know that. I see the boy got heavy punches, I don’t know what you mean by that rambling shit. Long as the crowd not bias and people give him a shot he gon shock them bias niggas that’s sleeping

        • Jamal

          we’ll see son…you can say i sound like a hater but im not…if diz shows out ill give up the read what i wrote, if he dont get boo’d ill never comment here again. So time will tell

  • Jamal

    Lmao @ this trash ass nigga calling out loaded lux…

    • Cant Wait for Disaster

      Come on J!!!! You cant say that Diz is trash!!you sound pretty bias to me, normally your on point but you fucking up!! 

      • Jamal

        he aint trash mah nigga i just meant in comparison to loaded…thats like nu born calling out hollow…and nu born def aint wack like yall all think…nigga got bars and schemes but still there a big gap in talent n skill…thats mainly what im referring to…everyone in url is nice but different levels

      • Real Nigga

         He’s not trash.  HE’S GARBAGE

  • Pastorcomics

    Jesse, when are you going to knock Norbes out?….

  • Fyl

    they dont know dizaster flow back before grindtime his shit was grimey all bars im sure he can step in the url and beast. He’s smart he not gna come with that grind time shit he gonna come with bars 

    • Jamal

      thats what you think lol…just watch dog..people keep saying this shit bout they should be smart to know what works..We all are products of think someone will be doing something one way for the last 4-5 years and suddenly will switch to some new style that works on the fly is stupid. You dont do new shit on the biggest stage..your suppose to practice..that nigga is dead and rex wont even have to do anything spectacular..diz will be boo’d and all his fans better start making crowd excuses from now..cause that shit diz does will not work over here

  • Gnorrm

    Eh Norbez….. Why are you so annoying? 

  • Razor

    It’s hilarious to see you faggots hate on Dizaster… For the simple fact that he is respected by ALL the battlers you guys dickride… He definitely has the capability to go in there and do some serious damage on Rex and how seriously he takes this shit combined with his level of talent AND material he has to work with battling Randy… Sheesh… I have a feeling he’s going in to war like he did against Swave because he has no choice… Rex is more than a legend at this point there’s nothing else to say for him… He’s earned the right to be the favorite but downplaying Dizaster…. is fucking dumb

  • StraightouttaNYC

    GET that Nigga, Diz!

  • IIKey

    Am I the only intelligent one here who knows Dizaster is garbage? Spastic rapping about fairy tale bars and lame freestyles to cover up chokes. Nuborn would bar for bar kill him. Any good Dizaster metaphors or puns? Didn’t think so. 

    • battleme

       If you truly was intelligent then you would appretiate diz bars… the fact that you dont shows just how you are hating on this mans skillz ! real talk, no hate, check yo self fool !

  • Lfighting

    Smack, you are an entertainment genius! The way you added this Math Hoffa vs Dose battle is genius! Much success to you smack!!

  • Djgray1227

    I would like to see Rex vs DNA again, I felt DNA killed Rex

  • Ausberto Orozco

    Norbs is corny as fuck bruh. Stupid ass fat fuck.

  • DJG

    I would like to see Rex vs DNA again I felt DNA killed Rex

    • DRE

      I agree.

  • Ausberto Orozco

    Norbs only think Math is gonna win cuz he’s his manager, wtf. CORNY!

  • Ausberto Orozco

    Norbs only act tough when he interviews rappers that aren’t known to be tough? I guess he thinks @MATHHOFFA can stop bullets for his bitch ass.

  • Dizaster has no schemes

    I’d be surprised if Dizaster wins this. His style does not fit with URL. 

  • battleme

    Collapse perdiction:
    he gonna kill rex to a point people cant buu him at all, yall notice
    were you heard it first, diz gonna shake up and change the url completly !… youll see…


  • truth

    Diz is the greatest all around battler period and the top battlers will agree!

    • Rexchap


  • Common Sense

    Dizaster 2-1
    T-Rex over hyped with no presence or delivery

    Reason for victory- T-Rex for most part is garbage because he lacks the delivery and presence on the stage to command it that your wanting to hear wtf he going to say next.  He has bars and worth mentioning rounds but I feel he hasn’t had a real body bag at best his battles been debatable.  
    Dizaster is coming in with the idea he lost already because no one is really giving him a shot so with that mind his punch lines will get better reactions and more appeal to people because no one was expecting it. 


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