NEW @AYEVERB “SAVES” Saving these new battle rappers!

New @AyeVerb “Saves” these new battle rappers!


  • Cmon Man

    ok all the niggaz who hate verb like he really did somethin bad to them gone hate this blog but what he said make alot of sense. alot of the new niggaz are lyrically nice as fuck but they all choke, like really choke and forget half they rounds not just stumble here and there. now lets not all blame verb he just speaking on the situation if yall want to blame somebody blame SMACK he the one that puts the cards together and it got to be a reason he not putting them on the big cards

    • God Aweful

      How many chances has X factor been given for choking? Didn’t Verb battle X factor and lose to him?

      • Logic

        Wow. You’ve popped up and commented on multiple dudes posts on this thread. You mad?

        • god aweful

          I’m tired of fans making excuses for top tier dudes putting out sub par product, but I’m not mad… just want a good honest discussion instead of people just parroting the same excuses these battlers make without thinking.

    • Spindizzy

      Man Verb a fool, this nigga might be crazier than Daylyt ROFL, plus that video smh, that Hadukan shit man, you had me rollin.

  • God Aweful

    When you can’t out rap your competition in the ring, you just blog with ways to convince the fans that you deserve to stay in a top tier spot. Fans accept it and then there is no push to make these guys step in the ring with talent. Instead you have debatable battles with washed up battlers like Arsonal.

  • God Aweful

    And while they keep trying to give Yung Ill shots to redeem himself, Verb has the nerve to talk about other battlers flaws… SMH. Stop this shit. What happens if the B Magic footage drops and he dominates the battler that dominated you? What will that say about top tier dudes? What will it say about the mid tier battlers that beat Magic or put up a fight against him if Charlie looks generic next to them bars? It wasn’t too long ago that Verb was out here losing to battlers like Big Will so I’m not blinded by the hype.

    • Guest

      he didnt mention Magic cause he saying Magic is a star already. he got on the big stage his 1st time and delivered just like all the vets did they first time on the big stage. So he saying Magic can talk that shit but ppl like ill will cant talk that shit when he aint prove his self yet no matter how nice he is. take Tay Roc for example he grinded it out and worked his way up and he didnt start talking that shit to every body til recently cause he finally proved he belonged on that big stage.

      i think Lotta Zay is up next i like his approach he not on twitter or blogs talking out his ass, hes confident not dumb cocky like most them new niggaz who aint even prove they self yet

      • God Aweful

        He didn’t mention a lot of the “new” guys so I guess he is saying Sco is a star too. SMH. Y’all really watch these dudes make excuses and caveats for why they can say wild shit but not back it up in the ring. A lot of these “mid tier” have been running around for years putting they name on the line against every nice rapper they can find and notice I’m talking about skill not popularity. Some of these guys got over 20 battles on cam against dudes that spit out of this world bars while a lot of “top tier” guys are barely cracking 10 battles. A “mid tier” guy has an off night and “top tier” guys use that shit against them forever and y’all allow this shit. When a “star” loses y’all don’t jump out the window to tell them they aren’t top tier any more or that they now have to battle one of these “new” dudes. A top dude takes an L and they just battle another top dude with L’s. The reality is y’all have allowed these dudes to make it about everything but skill and also fuck up the game so much that wins/loses don’t matter unless they trying to duck someone.

  • myian barnes

    Great points Verb.

  • Dc

    Verb not fucking with ill will….
    I’m sorry but these last big event battles been boring ..
    Some lines here n there but nothing super…
    Truthfully I think they need to go back to a smaller venue/setting
    Ill will vs Johnny Jc vs chilla
    It was a lot of energy in the room and the battles came across better

  • Edwin Stagg
  • Edwin Stagg got yo bitch ass socked up verb you a bitch

  • —MWD3

    why he aint mention Bill Collector?

  • God Aweful

    Yo… I’m not even a advocate for Swave but I see how funny style Verb and his fans are about all this shit. Y’all barely talk about Verb’s loses but you people will talk to death about Swave losing to Head Ice/Dizaster. Then you will talk about “selling the fight” because of the low interest level and all this other non-sense that Verb convinced you of with the interviews and blogs. Why wasn’t his opponent’s “loses” a problem when he battled Cortez or Arsonal? Don’t both of those dudes have a million loses but those battles were cool? While I definitely see a lot of people interest in the Swave battle, I have to ask… who the fuck was interest in these battles with Cortez and Arsonal? Neither one of these battles made any sense besides the fact that they looked like easy wins for Verb, but this cool to y’all?

    • I dont know Verb personally

      as a Verb fan i honestly dont care who he battles. minus the Clips battle he never disappoints even in his so called losses the man puts on a show when he hits the stage. personally i dont think he scared to battle swave cause its just a damn battle nothin can happen to u. now as far as this blog goes the new cats need to be mad at Smack not verb he just speaking on it

      • God Aweful

        I was disappointed with what he did vs Clips, Big Will, O Red, X Factor, T Rex and Arsonal. I don’t care if he’s scared or not to battle Swave, Chilla or Ill Will… I’m not even going to say he’ll lose those battles but I do know those are way better battles than Cortez and Arsonal. The thing is he could lose to Swave, Chilla or Ill Will.but you are right… losses don’t matter so he will just battle Rich Dollars or somebody afterwards and people will act like he is untouchable again.

  • brandon davis

    jc dont sound like ill to me. am i trippin? i dont c it

  • Spike

    Verb, school these young cats. This is why I like listening to verb. He will say what others won’t and should say. If I were one of the new cats, I would take notes on what he is saying. This is how u get better. He’s telling the truth.

  • barondebxl

    Thats why i fucks with Verb, he keeps it a THOUSAND and dont give 2 fuck.

  • barondebxl

    Ill went in CRAZY!!!

  • p waters

    12:00 which one of yall getting a stack lmao!!!

  • sd

    I agree with Verb…I know ya’ll gone be mad but Chilla is boring af! Most of the pg’s dudes are wack…not all but most !

  • Ju

    he got good points and the new niggas should take notes cause he buries niggas the old verb back and whoever say he aint nice is foolish

  • MilwaukeeKid

    league of extraordinary gentleman???



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