Verb talks on 50’s comments on battle Mc’s not able to make good music.. Drop your thoughts and comments and let us know!


  • Tookey

    50 one of my fav rappers but i agree with verb. Lets be honest based of that aye verb track at the end he already sounds better then kidd kidd and young buck in my books

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Verb can actually spit on beat. If you notice on the charlie clips battle he was rapping like a battle rapper,but in all his other battles he sound like he on beat. He a spitter when he flow.

  • Dennis Stith

    verb just mad cuz 50 bigged up big t as far as battlerap and not him hell verb aint even the best from the lou as far as the battlerappers go!

    • barondebxl

      Nonsense. Verb just talked some real shit. If you cant see that then you not a real nigga.

      • Dennis Stith

        im a real nigga all day and i rhyme too so i understand where he coming from but at the same time if 50 woulda said his name as the battlerapper he fucked with verb wouldnt have even made this blog and that joint he played at the end was tough i give credit where its due but like fifth said besides that comment i disagreed with bout battlerappers not making good songs he said some of these dudes dont sound belivable and im not saying that bout verb but cmon like i said he aint the best from the lou or the midwest for that matter so lets keep it real but they all deserve a shot but besides his music he putting out which is good who was the last nigga verb beat in a battle

        • barondebxl

          Dizaster. Arsonal too but its debatable. I hear you. But the point is that 50 is saying that battle rappers cant make music which is false. Surf got incredible music, so does Math, Rich Dolarz, Hitman, Mook, Oun P, Rex….you name it. Cassidy damn it. So that “battle rappers cant make songs” argument is not valid, ppl gotta give these niggaz a chance to do their thing before judging them or at least listen to their songs. Its true that not every battle rapper can make songs but that goes for everyone. Its not everybody that raps that can make songs period. The way Fif said it was like he was shitting on them. He signed Kidd kidd….I bet u Math does better music than that nigga.

        • Dennis Stith

          no arguing bro i agree with that i hate when niggas say that battlerappers cant make good song shit and fifth my nigga but that shit is false tho

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          ounn P, Rex Math, Rich Dolarz, Hitman, Mook, Oun P, Rex Oun P, Rex all trash

        • barondebxl

          Youre entitled to your opinion.

        • Big V

          Verb is talking nonsense… as usual… He talks about 50 needs to take a meeting with these dudes… My question is… How did Big T get the interview on in the first place? 50 spent the majority of that interview giving that man praise. Verb’s FELLOW Mid-West MC… Yet all Verb could glean from that video is… what 50 feels about battle rapper making songs… Well… There’s one SURE FIRE WAY TO PROVE 50 WRONG… MAKE A HIT, VERB… Make a hit record and that will prove 50 wrong… Until then, 50 is correct.

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          You are a nigger

  • Dominnick Mitchell

    Verb talkin real shit #Salute

  • Fuh Q Bish

    The top top top top of the industries are a part of a bigger plan than making music. They dont want to put out no messages so they keep putting out the watered down non lyrical bullshit about drugs cars n stripper to keep everyone dumbed down.. Shyt goes much deeper than 1 guy ( 50 ) not giving people a shot they deserve. It’s sad but true

  • Jamal

    Once Verb included Hollow in the list of people who make good music i stopped..I agree with what he saying though..but he reaching with the hollow shit..

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Best music making battlers are Shotgun suge,Ayeverb,Big T,Serius Jones,Loaded Lux,Soul Khan and the rest are done.


        You forgot to mention Goodz and Math Hoffa.

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          Math Trash and Goodz isn’t to good lol

    • url judge

      Lololololol I think hollow is one of the best battler but you are right about his music lol. Im not gonna lie though I heard 2 songs that were good but that was about it lol

    • Macmar415

      True story I can’t fuck with hollow on the music tip but battle rap he’s nice

  • millz

    u rite bro… aint no ducking that…

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    Verb need to stick to Makin songs tho.. no more battes. I fuck with this vid.. dope song at the end fam.

  • pimpin slimm

    50 just spoke on his opinion homie!!! most of da top tier battle rappers r nice I respect dat but when it comes to makin music no labels r feelin battle rappers makin music bcuz majority u of niggas music is garbage so dats y yall get looked over…….stick to dat battle shit dats just yall lane period……….

  • killajing

    told yall verb talks that shit in these interviews…song was official too so official i dont wanna hear him battle nomore s/o to verb for steppin up

  • My thoughts

    Ok let me start by saying this. I get so tired of battle rappers saying what they do is the purest form of hip hop. No it’s not.. Free styling off the top of the dome is the purest form of hip hop. What battle rappers do is write their best lyrics and recite them without a beat that’s a cheat code. 50 isn’t a battle rapper he is a artist. Don’t you find it kind of odd we got so many pre written battle rappers and not any of them have had mainstream success. Look at Lux he got all that exposure and still can’t get a major deal not even a spot on the Bet cyphers.. And you dudes still got the nerve to act Hollywood because of you’re twitter followers. You got guys getting naked on stage and other questionable acts just so he can get twitter followers lol. The reason fifty said what he said is because none of you guys have proven him wrong. When I hear battle rappers over a beat its always something missing. One more thing I know you battle rappers have a lil popularity but stop with all the celebrity talk. At the most you dudes may have 40000 followers go look at a real celebrity twitter following and push for that … Shouts to Mook for inspiring all these new generation battle rappers….

    • North

      Wtf..freestyle off the top is not the purest form of Hip Hop. You’ve been listening to too much of Dizaster’s whack battles. There are four essential elements to Hip Hop. Go find them.

  • Florida Boy

    real shit! they gotta roll the dice on some of these battlers

  • jabarr202

    who the fuck still listens to 50 cent…#kill yoself!

  • HolyShit

    Verb got that lesbian S-Curl fade. Oh Shit.

  • k2gees

    Verb is not being 100. 50 told them to work harder and he is attacking his opinion. Worst way to take a compliment. He actually said he likes Big T, who I’m sure will appreciate the shout out and probably got more twitter followers, and more notoriety from it. 50 was hot with the sound he had before the deal….those mixtapes created that buzz.

    Midwest artist don’t take a chance on themselves. Nelly, or those trackstars weren’t checking for them dudes either. Eminem hasn’t signed Calicoe or X Factor. Nelly never tried to get none of those STL battlers a deal.

    And as far as Em and Dre, have you seen how many people have had the same chance and haven’t blown up? I do like Verb, Ill, Holla, and Surf as far as music but they have to admit….not much of that is stuff people would buy. And because of people like Jones and Mook feeling like they didn’t have to alter what they did, they ruined it for everyone.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      The thing is there’s a difference between being able to rap and make music.Canibus Vs Eminem for example Canibus was clearly the better Emcee,but Em is the better artist. Nas IMO is the hardest MC,but barely has his foot in the door for music ability. He can spit bars and bars,but you need hooks and mass appeal. Nas crushed Jay,but Jay made better music so even after being K.O’ed ppl look up to him.

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration

    Shout out to the 1980s Luther Vandross jeri curl tribute my nigga.

  • rexchap

    Memo to VERB… ARE potential competition…HELLO? Why you think 50 is shittin on yall? Stop looking for HIM, go around that nigga. He aint the only one out there and he doesn;t have stranglehold on the industry!

  • Big V

    Here we go with hypocritical Verb once again. LOL
    Verb talks about not being giving opportunity BUT… When Swave was calling him out, did he give Swave the opportunity to battle him???
    He talk about the east coast NOT giving the mid west any opportunities??? BUT… Didn’t 50 have Big T interviewed on his site TO PROMOTE HIMSELF??? Didn’t LOAD LUX bring you ST.LOUIS DUDES TO THE LION’S END which gave you your FIRST REAL BIG LOOK???
    This is the same dude who cried about NYC being bias for 2 years BUT turn around and said… NYC SHOULD BACKED HOLLOW MORE WHEN HOLLOW BATTLED SURF.

    • Mr.Rude

      LIONS DEN…Smh

      • Big V

        My bad on the misspell…LOL

    • Eric

      Hollow lost to Surf and nothing could have changed that. In NY we only like hot bars, it doesn’t matter who spitting them. We not like some places that just cause the guy is from there, everything he take a breath we like WHOOOOOoooooooo!

      • Eric


      • Big V

        That’s my point… I’m from NYC and I know we’re not bias… Which was proven when Calicoe battled Math Hoffa… The point is, Verb contradicts himself… YET… People seemed to ignore it… Not only that, Verb is a guy who likes to sow seeds of dissension… That 50 interview was about 50 cent being a fan of BIG T… Yet… What does Verb do… He takes that little sound bite and makes it an issue… AND THEN… Like Verb always does… He makes it a REGION ISSUE when he talks the east coast NOT giving the mid-west a shot… YET…, which is run by an EAST COAST RAPPER, had BIG T on that site for an interview… AND… 50 himself, not only praises Big T… but he actually QUOTING THIS MAN’S BARS… but people are blind to that fact… I pay attention to Verb… and although Verb a DOPE MC… He be on some bullshit… and Like I said, if Verb or any other battle rapper feels 50 is wrong… THEN PROVE HIM WRONG.

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          Nah,ppl just hate Math.

          Bias O red Vs Big T in NY(Booed both)
          Bias K shine Vs Ars in NY(Ars 3-0’ed him and got booed)
          Bias Calicoe vs Rex in NY(Calicoe didn’t even get to his 2nd round b4 the boos)
          Big T Vs K shine(Big T killed the boy and yall booed him for nothing)
          Ayeverb vs Rex(Verb was heating up and yall kept trying to kill him)

      • john

        surf fking lost dude LOL, 2-1

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        lol quit lying. NY is the most bias place in the battle world.

  • North

    Hey Verb, why don’t you complain to Nelly or Chingy, if he’s still alive, about putting you up? What does 50 cent owe you? He praised your boy Big T but that’s not enough for you, of course, you need something for yourself. Your music doesn’t have that sound – commercial rap nor good Hip Hop. I rather listen to Lux on a beat over any of you Midwest rappers (Big T isn’t bad).

    • MilwaukeeKid

      u obviously havent heard verb on beats

      • North

        Oh but I have, or else I wouldn’t have said what I did.

  • Glazed Twinkie

    dark kat wit 50 cent look like daylyt

  • Streets Buchanon

    That song at the end though proves his point track was dope


  • Cozzo36

    Please tell me a battle rapper making good music. Please!!!!

  • FAMP

    Verb.. that track at the end is DOPE.. Good Blog fam..

  • dasher

    verb look like the nigga that be on the durag packages.

  • joenough

    I agree Verb

  • m.w.i.m.b.

    i read most of the comments and watched the interview and most of you didn’t get what fif was saying bc ya”ll are so stuck on ya”ll hip hop dreams. When he said “they cant make a record to save their life” he was talking as far as making a hit record. Battle rappers can make album cut music all day but haven”t proven the skill to make an at least National hit record or at least a local hit record. So Aye Verb can go head with his bias acknowledgment cause the only reason he had this” Emo” interview was because Fif is from NY ,wouldn’t been shit if it was Nelly and Murphy Lee…lmao

    • BIG V

      Salute my brother… I agree 1000% with everything you said… And Like I said… Verb wants to make it an east coast vs mid west issue, yet, 98% of the 50 ‘s interview was him giving praise to Big T… and he even quoted some of his punches… Verb has a REAL inferiority complex when it comes to NYC that he needs to get over… It’s really getting lame at this point.

  • Midwestern jay

    50 about to shut battle rap and Verb ass down! He a bitch!

  • Carl Sackey

    bmt verb your freestyle on bet backroom was shit so you have no point… exclude yourself mate!

  • Shea

    Real talk……let the industry trade places for a month….give all the battle rappers the best producers and beats and put all the industry rappers on the URL stage and let them battle and see how many niggas get booed!!!!!!!!!

  • shiss27

    I tried to buy Loaded Lux album just couldn’t find a whole album on Google Play.


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