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  • k2gees

    His verse at the end was decent and I think he beat diz 2-1 in that battle.

    • InTheClouds856

      I think Canibus was Dizasters last win lol

    • nahh

      Nahh that shit was way better than decent

  • InTheClouds856

    This is some real s**t he talkin tho. You can apply it to everyday life.

  • Spike

    Know your self worth…

  • Dr. Drain

    verb kill that damn jermaine jackson hair bruh!

    • Florida Boy

      hahaha he do look like Jermaine

  • Cozzo36

    Wouldnt pay a thousand for verb!!! Nigga please!!! U aint worth ten stacks!!

  • Rexchap

    Verb…..SMH…the PROBLEM IS at 7:19….THAT’S the fuckin problem…..ALL you niggas today have THE WACKEST DRUMBEATS….they are RUDIMENTARY….you niggas are STUCK…you don’t fuckin GET IT! The SOUTH infected this game with dumbed down, repetitive hooks, 1st level beats and IGNORANT SOUNDING FLOWS…..the shit is TIRED. Since you niggas like going BACKWARDS, at least go backwards to songs with MELODIES! Jeezus! NIggas don’t dig in the crates anymore to find that OBSCURE SONG, one you can speed up, change a bassline or something……THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!!! NIggas just don’t get it!

    • Rexchap

      You niggas hear something and SWEAR it’s HOT! It’s NOT! Go back and listen to Jiggas “A MILLION”, Cheeks “LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION”, go back and listen the the FIRST of it’s kind, Fat Boys “IN JAIL”…The Production on that was before it’s time… Go listen to damn near ANYTHING DJ Premier touched……Listen to the shit that Goodie did early in the days……Leave THIS bullshit alone that yall are stuck on! Hell, even listen to Lupe “Kick Push”….these are HITS…you niggas have NO IDEA how to make one and then wonder why aint nobody fuckin with yall! Hell even Bow Wow “PLAYIN THE GAME” from the :Like Mike” Soundtrack is MORE bangin than ANYTHING you niggas have done up to date!

      • Jlove

        How do you reply to your Own post!?? Wow :/

        • Rexchap

          because i had more to say and i hit enter before i finished it……AND?

        • Jamal

          you could of hit “edit” under your post..for future reference

        • Rexchap

          Whatever, i don;t give a damn

    • clash

      nigga you buggin that beat was hard

      • Rexchap

        That’s the problem ….YOU don’t KNOW NO FUCKIN BETTER! Especially if you are a nigga under 30…you have NO fuckin IDEA……but you know what…stay liknig that bullshit and the will forever stay UNSIGNED and BITCHIN

    • North

      Too true. This stuff is garbage. Add a rustic touch to it and it becomes laughable.

    • Don Ahmed

      The beat is from 50 Cent’s movie sound track; I Don’t Know Officer

  • Gee

    Verb my nigga but get rid of that high top curly fade..fab did it and both dem niggaz look like Pookie from new jacc

  • Florida Boy

    Love the X-Men analogy shit make perfect sense….and that verse at the end GEESH! that boi put them words together well

  • ArkansasBlacc

    Rexchap I agree with you somewhat and im from the south the game is over for pure lyricism and production :(

    • Rexchap

      Thx, I can stand on my OWN on this, but thanks. I’m older than most and have been here BEFORE HIP HOP started, so when i say i heard it ALL, i’ve heard it ALL. Most of these niggas have NO clue how to make a record, they dont have much to draw on, they don’t experiment and are stuck!

  • Truth

    Hey Verb, did you look in a mirror when you were making this video? (Because I’m sure you look at it many times a day). You’re an ugly nigger yourself. And have a dumb accent on top of it.

  • Mentality

    Verb you a cool nigga but come on Dogg. You talking about them niggas helping you and you the one always talking about drop the bag… Who you helping???? One more thing a lot of niggas can rap the difference is not everybody can make a song. MAKE A SONG VERB!!!! SOMETHING THAT CAN CATCH THE ATTENTION OF THE MASSES. Lux had the Spotlight but couldn’t make a song to save his life when everything was lined up for him… If he would have capitalized on that once in a lifetime opportunity he wouldn’t be battle rapping again. $40000 ain’t shit compared to the ball he dropped Lux had a chance to make millions. But he chose to rap about Harlem blocks that been washed up since the 80’s Shooting every video in his neighborhood Lux what the fuck was you thinking? Verb bottom line my nigga make a SONG something that crosses over….

    • Truth

      What are you talking about? Lux capitalized when he could and has good songs (better than anyone else battle rapping) yet it’s not the industry sound. It’s not retarded lyrics with catchy hooks. You can’t tell a nigga with so much skill to dumb down his lyrics and flow drastically to please to simple-minded masses.

      • Mentality

        With that way of thinking I bet you broke as well…

  • ScottyPimpen33

    The only people the labels are trying to sign are the guys that don’t want record deals.

    • Rexchap

      A record deal is a slave deal! Your FIRST contract is your WORST contract! And then they hem you up when you aint hot and then you are stuck and THEN become irrelevant! MAKE HOT SHIT FIRST…you don’t need the industry to do THAT

  • Keith Foster

    Real Talk. Alll real rap. Big props to the salutations for Loaded Lux. He is a great but they don’t respect it in the industry and Verb said “you are the industry, collide your gwap and create !!!

  • sityoassdownbro

    Realest Shit Spoken Battle Wise..


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