NEW YUNGILL Calls out Arsonal!

NEW.. Yung Ill calls out Arsonal

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  • Sammy Nelms Jr

    Just met yung ill for the first time. Ran in to him at galleria in the Lou while I was visiting my hometown. Just wanna let everybody know this a real ass nigga. Cool as hell, laid back not Hollywood like most these battlers that let the YouTube fame get to they ego. I let him know he put on for our city and the movement and he showed mad respect. If he comes with the same Ill we seen in all his previous performance I think we can expect a classic. Without being biased I say that if the Ars battle happens I go 2-1 iLL. Arsonal has bars and I’m a fan of him too but I think his performances lately have lacked a lil originality. Not knocking his skills he is most def top tier that’s just my personal opinion. I hope they schedule it soon tho! Shout out to the most respected battle league and that nigga smack!

    • mahdi777

      good assessment fam. Ars nice, but like you said, something about that performance that can lose the listener from time to time. he has bars, it’s just something about that delivery, it’s only so many times one can use those gun bars, reason battle rappers like Tech 9, Bill Collector, Shotgun Suge, Qleen Paper, etc got faded out. remember Qleen Paper said if you don’t like gun bars, stop watching Smack, where that nigga at now? exactly

      • You right about QP

        Roasting Session (Hollow voice)

        • mahdi777

          [email protected] Session. thinking about Daylyt’s diss to Big T, something tell me they gonna have to duke that out. don’t ask me how that came to mind, but i was thinking of Roasting Session, and when Hollow roasted the hell out of Big T when they battled Lol

  • Javel J-vels Hutson-Ghost

    yo must be crazy If you think verb 3-0 arsonal…arsonal 3-0 verb and young ill you come to battle without rounds GTFOH!!!

    • nine5for

      arsonal 3rd vs verb won the battle hands down

  • FAMP

    SWAVE VS YOUNG ILL. on UW. CLASSIC!!! Then.SWAVE VS VERB on URL… ARS/SMACK thank me later.. lol

  • myian barnes

    If that goes down, I hope it’s the old Ill who got loud and spit with mad aggression and not who showed up against JC

  • nine5for

    one of my fav battles is ill vs rich dollaz classic hands down

  • C Bo

    Hate him or love him Ill has done more for URL than your favorite battle rapper# “who is this nigga” was the line for months and his battle with surf is top 3 of all time

    • UjustS

      The more i watch these weak battles that have been dropping lately the more credit i give that battle but personally i can name 3battles i feel are better than that…not knocking your opinion at all tho.

  • battlefan82

    Niggaz want that old ill back that tsu surf vs yung ill that t rex vs yung ill

  • ChicagoWeOn

    Yung ILL deserves this flack..this is not the 1st time he weirded out like that.. they didnt release his Cortez battle cause of this. You have 2 months to write and memorize.. ILL only battled like twice a year,smh. All these hungry rappers like Magic, Zay, ill will, O Red and Smack gotta waste his time on dudes that dont take it serious? I feel like ill dropped a tier..he gotta start from main events.


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