Norbes: 40 & Bonnie Will 3-0 DNA & K-Shine If They Make Out Mid-Battle

Norbes  40   Bonnie Will 3 0 DNA   K Shine If They Make Out Mid Battle   YouTube

I spoke with Norbes recently about the upcoming 2-on-2 QOTR battle between DNA & K-Shine vs Bonnie Godiva & 40 B.A.R.R.S. While the team chemistry between DNA & K-Shine is undeniable, Norbes does think that there is hope for the ladies to come away with the victory. After speaking with 40, she assured Norbes that she and Bonnie have some tricks up their sleeve. Norbes believes that the key to victory for them, is if they decide to engage in lesbian acts mid-battle, and begin hooking up with one another. Safe to say, that would be pretty hard to match on the testosterone side of things. Who do you think will win?

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