Norbes Challenges Dizaster To Battle Gjonaj On Smack/URL West

Norbes Challenges Dizaster To Battle Gjonaj On Smack URL West   YouTube

I spoke with Norbes recently about the impact that he had on pushing the talents of Gjonaj to the masses, after featuring him on a highly impressive PG battle. Norbes believes that there is something truly special about Gjonaj and he has yet to reach his full potential.

Even before Gjonaj’s PG debut, battlers have been making references to him either resembling Dizaster physically, or mimicking his battle style. Aside from their ethnic similarities, Norbes doesn’t believe that there is any real comparison between the two, and that Gjonaj’s skill is levels far beyond what Dizaster has to offer. No hate – as Norbes did confirm that he thinks Dizaster is the best battler on the West Coast – but if he had to bet, he’d put his money on Gjonaj clearly eating Diz’s food in a battle. Norbes challenged Diz to face Gjonaj on Smack/URL’s West Coast division to properly settle the score.

If Dizaster and Gjonaj face off in the lyrical ring, who do you think will win?

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