“Exclusive interview with Street Star Norbes. In this edition Street Star Norbes shares his views on Danny Myers battle rap business and his upcoming battle with T Rex.

Street Star Norbes also Talks T Rex showing up for his Danny Myers battle and wanting T Rex Vs Tsu Surf on the Nome 5 card!!!

Do you think T Rex will show up for his upcoming battle vs Danny Myers with a good performance???”

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  • Mr.Rude

    Math fucked it up.. Weak ass old man.

    • DRE

      Says daylyt’s BIGGEST fuckin fan….FOH!

      • Mr.Rude

        Fuck Daylyt.. Nigga is a flaming faggot.. Much like you.. and this nigga math is pure ass factory

        • DRE

          Say it to his face tough guy.

        • Supa Grover
        • Mr.Rude

          Fuck hoffa.. You may be afraid of him and enjoy dick licking.. But im a grown man.. This shit stretches farther than the internet.. If he were around me I’d have absolutely no problem telling him I believe he’s ASS FACTORY.. If we fight.. We fight…No fucks are given.

        • DRE

          I kinda hard believing a nigga that can’t rap or probably fight would actually do that? The fact that you responded to me, tells me you can’t bust a grape.


        • Mr.Rude

          The fact that you call yourself exposing a person Via the internet tells me 2 things.. 1. YOU’RE MORE THAN LIKELY A VIRGIN… 2. YOU NEVER BEEN FARTHER THAN THE NEIGHBORHOOD CANDY STORE ON YOUR BLOCK… Sit down and polish your keyboard.. Stop putting these battle rappers on a pedestal higher than God.. He bleeds like me.. Fact remains..This nigga wanna get brolic and I give no fucks about doing so.. Grow up and Eject his dick and balls.. My son could Out-rap this clown.

        • DRE

          “Stop putting these battle rappers on a pedestal higher than God..?

          Dude are you serious? THIS RAP WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, not life. You need to grow up and get a life my nigga. Math Hoffa is one of the most overall entertaining battle rappers IMO, I never said he was the best. Matter fact you since you wanna analyze me, you seem like a nigga that gets his ass whippped underestimating ur opponent. Stay in a fags place fam, get lost.

        • Mr.Rude

          MATH HOFF IS OVERALL ENTERTAINING BATTLE RAPPERS?… Nigga what?..Lmaoooooooooooooooo..At first I must be honest I thought me calling you a dick licker was a bit over the top but with that statement alone I know for an absolute fact that You know NOTHING about the Verbal Sport of Battle rap.. You one of those Casual fans who drops in here and there to watch something that has a buzz because Math Hoffa is PURE ASS FACTORY.. Never been a lyrical threat to anybody and has his reputation because of a weak ass punch he served a 160lbs Kid from Philly ( D O S E ).. Who.. In my opinion was winning the battle.. Not to mention the nigga is a huge contradiction.. He prides himself on being a brooklyn bully tough guy NO GAY RAPPING type shit and even in the battle with Aye Verb he made it seem like everything he was saying fell into the HOMO HOLE.. but against Iron Solomon he told him he’s EXPOSED LIKE DOG NUTS??… Da fuck?… I rest my case..Go play with your Pokemon Cards Fuck Boy Jr…Loooooooooooool i NEEDED A GOOD LAUGH

        • DRE

          Well if there were someone regarded as a BATTLERAP EXPERT, it would be you. In your mind it bars over everything….I get it. But IMO you must add performance, delivery, content, style, punches, along with BARS! Not really tying to go back and forth with someone limited in thinking so I’m done with you, move on and if you don’t fuck wit Math, ignore anything he’s involved in. It’s not like anybody needs your approval or your support, real talk little man.

        • Mr.Rude

          It’s not about ignoring Math Hoffa… Whether him being boring or mediocre I’m still a fan of the sport and will continue to watch battles with or without him.. No Bias intent just straight facts on how much he sucks ass.. I don’t give a fuck about how many battles he’s taken this year or in one month because his Lose percentage is still very much high and that’s what counts in Battle Rap… Jordan Could have taken 1,000 shots in a game ( if possible ) but if he missed 85% of them then just how good is he?… Exactly… ASS FACTORY Hoffa is no Lyrical Threat and got treated like a whore when facing an opponent of Equal height and a disadvantage with weight ( ShotGun Suge )… Thats your best bet to walk away from this debate because CLEARLY you know absolutely shit.. You’re a fan of one nigga and the rest of your judgement is cloudy and full of his dick and balls. loooooooooool

        • DRE

          Battlerap is not a sport dummy! IT’S A CULTURE! The fact that you call it a sport lends itself to ur cock riding opinion. Once again I NEVER said Math was the best or my favorite battle rapper fuck face! However, he is on of the most entertaining which ultimately supports the CULTURE! Not even in a daylyt, tech 9, or bill collector way either. Math actually has bars, the problem is, you don’t like them BUT you still watch him (just to complain) which makes you a cocksucking, sweet ass, hypocrite. Nothing more. You prolly a young dumb nigga at home with kids babysitting right now. I only hope ur kids grow up smarter than ur dumb fuking ass!

          You will never catch me on here commenting on anybody shit that I don’t fuck wit because I don’t waste time like that, you do! Just so you know faggot my top 5 in battlerap is:

          Loaded Lux
          O Red
          Hitman Holla

          Stay in a fag place, Learn how to read, stop assuming, and respect the opinions of others.

        • Mr.Rude

          U got to be fucking kidding me…Lmaooo.. I must be on MTV: PUNKED.. its no way in hell I just read what I read …Lmaoooo.. Battle Rap is a Tough competitive “Verbal” sport that these MC’s enter into so they can prove that they’re better than the next MC… Like any other Sport thats played.. Hoffa isn’t even Second String in my opinion.. He’s trash and has no weight within the game beyond Knocking out a Kid… As I’ve stated before… To put DNA right underneath Loaded Lux is fucking idiotic.. We’re talking about the same guy who lost to K-sHINE from Twat Mob.. Which tells me enough about you already…LoooooooL… Dizaster is fucking Garbage and only appeals to Back Packers and personally I think Rex Smoked him in the building.. Not to mention he’s a Fuckin Arab Cry baby.. All he does is yell and over react with his bars because he has NONE.. the only 2 performances that Dizaster showed his “somewhat” of ability is against DNA & Swave Sevah.. I’ll give you O-Red because he’s been nice since wayyy back despite his lost against Young Scripts and Swave Sevah.. Get that List in order Fuck boy..Smh looooooooool

          1. Lux
          3.Big T
          5.B magic
          6.Real Deal

          Those 7 niggas are about the only ones carrying Heat now-a-days.. Lottazay is shaking up the scene tho.

        • DRE

          Dumb nigga…You just proved why battlerap is NOT a sport thank cuz!! Checkout Hoffa’s B.A.R.CO.D.E. when you finish changing diapers and learn something. Even with a system in place, it is still subjective shit head! But at the end of the day, it still come down to someone’s opinion which can’t be wrong! Damn you dumb lmao! Every sporting contest I ever watched had a SCORE attached to it!! There is no reasoning with your stupid ass so I’m done wit you fam, have a nice life, I’m not reading any more of your post funny guy.

        • Mr.Rude

          What a noob..LoooooL… You’re so much in denial that you can’t even think straight let alone formulate a good debate response properly.. Hoffa has his dick and balls so far up your ass that you’re taking his bullshit songs and applying it to why Battle is not a sport as if it’s the holy grail that holds all secrets?.. Nigga sit down..Loooooooooool… a GOT DAMN FOOL…Battle Rap is a Competitive Sport always have been always will be… Even Mc’s who aren’t battlers have said the same exact thing when questioned about the growth and development of it as of now…Hoffa’s songs hold no weight.. That part of your fucked up response made everything else NUll & void….hHAHA ” SOMEONES OPINION THAT CAN’T BE WRONG”..Smh… Do you read this shit thoroughly before you post?.. Alot of cracka’s still have an opinion and thought that Elvis is still alive so that makes it true and them not wrong?…Da fuck?.. Sharpen your top 5 list then Come holla at me..All that Joke shit is played..Fuck outta here..LooooL

        • Echo 5

          lol ass factory


    lux went off.. math did his thing .. beloved and most hated .

  • Henry Xcels

    They both killed it. Respect

  • vmantdot

    surprised math came this hard… didint expect that from him….
    lux best lyricist ever….
    math start spitting like that in battles n u will be nice again….

    • dmedina

      he spit that in the daylite battle math is such a fraud

  • Anttt

    thIs phoney niggggggger math recycled bars

  • Anthony

    See y’all swear ya’ll Lux fans (dickriders) no one noticed that Lux spit a lot of old bars. (Listen to light it up by Lux and his freestyle with Serious Jones and Arsonal)

  • lyricc

    hoffa spitting recycled shii…waaaccckkk

  • Inspire_On

    How does Lux get choked up on such old bars? Off day…

  • Beno

    Lux is dat nigga and i fucks with math…yall niggas be hatin on hoffa


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