Norbes on Jaz The Rapper

Norbes visit to discuss Jaz The Rapper. Norbes talks Jaz popularity. Ms Hustle Vs Jaz The Rapper . Smack& Debo Reaction to a Ms Hustle line in that battle. Norbes says he gets nervous before Jaz battles. Does Jaz spit her verses to Norbes before she battles??? Norbes Answers this and much more about Jaz.
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  • Rexchap

    fuck Jaz….plain ass bitch! Norbes keep running this bitch out front like somebody is actually checkin for her! Always trottin this bitch out in every dude’s battle! Fuck HER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lmafo she got lil kid bars hahaha tell her jump in the ring wit 40barrs already so she can die

  • jawz

    Ms hustle is more entertaining, jaz don’t have that. jaz is not bout that life. now some body on line say some gay shit cause you fake 2.

  • jawz

    norbes put this shit 2getther, he feeling a way. Ms hustle killed jaz and norbes.

  • Anonymous

    loaded lux vs calicoe painting

  • Anonymous

    This corny ass nigga is just reaching for some type of beef. Wack ass interviewer. Smack, who is this nigga?

  • http://fuckurasswithaspoom jamal

    norbes change the comments back to diqus you faggot..nigga got but hurt bout the comments so he changed it to this bullshit comment system


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