NuBorn Responds to Lotta Zay: “I Will Destroy You”

NuBorn, who now goes by the name of Born, sat down with VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes and spoke to him about Lotta Zay naming him as one of the “Bottom 5” worst battlers currently active. Born believes Lotta Zay is crazy for throwing his name on that list, and went on to say that they might battle in January and that he will “destroy” him if they face off. He went on to name his own top 5 and bottom 5 within the Battle Rap community, and spoke on potential opponents for the future.

Born concluded this clip talking about his mixtape, Born Superman, and explained the concept behind the project and his plans to propel his music career to a wider audience in the near future.



  • H’D

    i got lottazay 2-1 vs born though

  • justsayin

    This nigga need to get a blood test. Skin not looking healthy at all. When nuborn stops chokin he might make some noise. Tone vs born gonna be a choke fest. Smh

  • nine5for

    nuborn is nice idk why ppl don’t fuck with him

    • Logic

      Who has NuBorn “destroyed” though? He’s got far more losses than wins. Hell, he’s got far more chokes than wins.

      • nine5for

        I hear you but dude comes up with some of the sickest bars and that’s something I like about the guy

  • HDTheProducer

    Nuborn Mixtape uhhhhhh lol

    • WTF?


  • sd

    He’s o.k. I guess jus one of the”battle rap” dudes that I just can’t believe …if you ever went on this dudes twitter …he bitches a lot and says he’s about to quit battling every other day..imo no one wins when they battle him,either u beat him(nobody carers) u lose (nobody wants to battle the dude who lost to born) see no win situation lol

  • OldBorn

    I’m really surprise he listed bottom 5 battle rappers…and says people’s performance is horrible…but he chokes in every battle. I’m puzzled.

  • Dude crazy

    QP really ain’t that bad thou. He had some lines, and even a catch phrase. “Say it again”. Nuborn arguably in the bottom 5 for real. He just forgettable, I can’t name a battle he was in.

  • ChiseEagle

    He killed Danja Zone, NuffSaid and Super Writer, you take way his chokes, his bars are mean….


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