NU(BORN) travels out of state to clash supastar sal at sharktv great whites event. DID Born travel back to NY with the W or did Sal put a victory under his belt by beating Born?


  • Tookey

    Say what you want about born. But recently he been on his shit. he killed super writer, danja zone, now this nigga. he deserve another shot on a bigger stage, not sm4 but something like that sneakerbeats event against a top/mid tier nigga.

    • Niggademus

      dont forget nuff said

      • Tookey

        Thanks for replying I never watched that battle. ya that nigga died. lol

  • Url Stan

    I watched Battle Twice I gotta man up Nuborn did not kill this Dude he Won but it wasn’t impressive like QOTR guy was hyping it

  • Famp

    Nuborn once again you have crazy bars.. You gon need a lil more performance to take down top Tier competition. You got this 3-0..

    • famp

      Ideah Nuborn.. Cause you barring niggaz to death.. You need a punchline word to say in between barz.. Example: “Thats light” or Barz, or something to keep the crowd going..

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    born is undefeated .. forget about nuborn this born is ready ..

  • nine5for

    Nuborn vs john john da don set it up

  • themotherfucker

    yo if da crowd wud stfu wen sal tryin get his bars out dey kept breakin da nigga rythmn made him forget his shit in da 3rd n 2nd i give it 2-1 nuborn

    • TrueSpeech

      He forgetting his bars bc he forgetting his bars. It’s not the crowd. He had the home advantage so he shouldn’t have been chocking. Born won bc he was the better prepaid mc.

  • Smacks cup of exclusive vodka

    So many stolen and flipped lines in this battle it’s not even funny lol

    • Adro

      “Let My Bloo5 Press Ure” (NuBorn) got that from (Goodz) Goodz vs X-factor

  • SemInitial

    Nuborn…let’s just call him Born Again…because his battle rap career and performance is definitely resurrecting before us.


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