Nunn Nunn VS Dot Mck | KTM-TV



  • real

    thank you good for not putting the whole 2 hours of this, just give the highlights like this, please please do this in the future

    • GLuke

      Totally agree!! I am a fan but I cant listen for 2h every arena show….

  • Gee

    Cats need to stop callin holla a performer.. That nigga COLD AF .. He got barz..I could quote so much shit from this nigga

    • North

      HH is basic as fuck. His rhymes are almost as simple as Calicoe’s.

      • Rexchap


  • zeekyg

    North do you watch battle rap you said hitman holla basic and calicoe right they have different way of rapping some people rap for the crowd and some people for video if you smart you make sure the crowd catches your bars and you get them involved which is smart cause they know how to control the room that dont them basic it’s make them genius’s both them nigga nice battlers cause if they wasn’t yo ass wouldn’t be hating i bet you think math hoffa got bars lol you probably from new york too give midwest dudes they credit damn

  • Teresa Frinc’e

    Archy nelson on ytu

  • MichaeLino

    Im from the the south,H-town stand up, but north has a point…to an extent. Holla’s filler be basic as hell, but no lie every punch line hits like a tyson hook. Dude got hella quotables and performance is crazy, but B-motherfuckin-Magic is taking over the st.lou battle scene with BARS.

    • Rexchap

      NO, every punch does NOT hit! They dont be that hot, he just says it with conviction…which doesn’t mean SHIT! And niggas think he said something thought provoking!

      • MichaeLino

        Ok granted not every punch hits but I never said his “BARS” are thought provoking. Allow me to rephrase the MAJORITY of his punches hit like a tyson hook, because of his aggression in his delivery at the right times Your right conviction doesnt mean shit im pretty sure 90 percent of battle rappers dont do or believe they do half of the shit they say in battles Its eentertainment only. With that said i end with your opinion is understood respected and appriciated. B-MUTHERFUCKIN-MAGIC V.S. K-SHINE MAKE IT HAPPEN SMMMMMAAAAAACK!!!

  • Rexchap

    HOLLA…STOP THE BULLSHIT!!!!! Listen to this nigga!!! You STOLE money ONCE AGAIN!!!! Why would somebody want to hear the violin line again? TFOH!!!


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