NY DAILY NEWS | Jay Z May Be Forced to Submit Court Deposition in $7M Law Suit

Jay-Z Opens Barclays Center - Show

Jay Z sang about “99 Problems” — and this suit could make it an even 100.

The rap star may have to submit to a deposition in a 2012 lawsuit brought against him by the man who designed his famous Roc-A-Fella Records logo. Manhattan Federal Judge Ronald Ellis has ruled the copyright-infringement case filed by clothing designer Dwayne Walker can move forward for now.

The decision clears the way for the “Empire State of Mind” rapper, whose real name is Shawn Carter, to be deposed in the $7 million suit, said Gregory Berry, lawyer for Wright.

“For over 18 months, Jay Z and the other defendants have done everything they can to avoid swearing under oath to the events that led to the creation of the logo,” Berry said in a statement. “With the decision … the defendants’ tactics must stop, and Mr. Walker’s quest for justice can move forward.”

Walker claims he met Jay Z and the hip-hop mogul’s former business partner, Damon Dash, in 1995. He says he agreed to create the logo and license it to the pair for $3,500 and a 2% stake for 10 years.

Walker says he was paid the $3,500 but never received the royalties. He claims he still owns the copyright to the logo.

Lawyers for Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella didn’t immediately return a request for comment Thursday night.

Jay Z has certainly come up in the world since 1995. He’s worth $475 million, according to Forbes. And he’s married to Beyoncé.

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All the facts aren’t out, but he’s going to probably fight this just on GP if he didn’t have to appear in court. I would think that Jay’s time is more valuable than his money to him, and if he has to speak under oath, they’ll settle this rather quickly for a number of reasons most likely “political” in nature.

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