OBR ep. 36 Big T vs O-Red (recap)

Operation Battle Rap





  • Whatyofeetsmelllike

    NY ruined that battle.

  • Eskino

    Daylyt doesn’t even compare to on red wtf!!!! Is wrong with u niggas man how the fuck u say daylyt had a better year in relevance and in the same breath say but no bcuz of skill battle rap is about who the fuck is the better mc not who will do the wildest shit for views ya niggas are just as much to blame and the wack ass niggas who are doing the shit daylyt can rap but say shit that makes sense niggas be sounding stupid I swear

  • VisionZ

    O-Red 3-0 im very disappointed in big t….

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      O red lost 3-0. YOu must be a lame trying to fool yourself.

      • VisioNZ

        O-Red 3-0 if you really think he lose your definitely hating and if you think he lose 3zip then you must have something personal against him…..by the way its my opinion big t really disappointed me….

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          yeah,nigger you stank.

  • trey

    big-t 3-0 o-red mightve won the second and third was close but this just my opinion o-red got killed

  • Me

    These lame ass niggas some Corn Balls… U can tell they don’t listen to Bars and Concepts… Both of them Niggas went in so U can say 3-0 either way… Bunch of Fat Ass Virgins! #Pause

    • Me

      I’m meant can’t say 3-0

  • King c

    they got four of the fastest niggas who probably never gotten any pussy sitting here judging a battle they probably didn’t go see, Big t took that shit 2-1 easy

  • Brandon

    Do I need a beard to judge battles…?

  • ms marjane

    in a few months, noone will care about daylyt. o-red will still have a dope track record and likely still hold it down as a vet in the game. does relevance matter? relative to what? relative to what relative? depends on who you ask.


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