OBRL presents The Cold War: A.C.E vs Dallas Cash

Hosted by Norbes of URL & Scizas of OBRL
Ohio Battle Rap League presents The Cold War Nobody’s Safe.
This in an impromptu battle. A.C.Es scheduled opponent didn’t show so fellow battle rapper Dallas Cash stepped to the plate to have a off the top freestyled battle. Neither opponents show weakness in this area. This match-up turned out to work in favor of the event.



  • WTF?

    battle rap dying down…

  • ait

    de nu be too happy on son

  • ait

    ant vivian- omish voice

  • yoakboydf

    keep my name out ya mouf like franklin i put j in a duffle

  • Mike

    Worst battle ever

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    Dallas 3-0

  • mike v

    dallas 3-0… no doubt

  • City

    These niggas suck have no chance of making URL proving ground


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