On The road to summer madness 3 with calicoe


  • Anti-FUFU

    The leader of the lost niggas

    • url judge


    • nine5for


    • Airdome


      i hear he trashed my nigga rex tho..damn

    • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

      lol u silly

    • buckshit

      lol you so called battle rap fans dont realize that its not like cal bombedagainst lux. he beat lux in my opinion but for the ppl that say he lost, if he battled anyone other than lux that night it wouldve been no question if cal won

      • North

        You’re a damn fool. Calicoe had high school bars. Lux had legendary bars. That was foolish what you just said. You must still be in high school as well.

        • ★Treis Gaara★

          Lux forgot his whole first round,said shit that doesn’t make sense”Thick as german guard dogs” They don’t have thick hair or bodies he must be into dawgs. Lux garbage

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      Please,all you do is talk about battle rap,no job,can’t read,sleep with anything you are a lost NIGGER your self.

  • mac

    My nigga cal

  • KingBKings


  • mac

    I said serious was delusional,props he adjusted bars was crazy,he knew that freestyle shit wasn’t gone get it but he went off props my g

  • Realness

    How the fuck you drop this after SM3…

    These battle rappers don’t know anything about marketing. Shit isn’t even edited why the fuck you keep it that long.

  • Spike

    Cal u have embarrassed our race w/that shirt. I’m serious about this. Our civil right fighters are rolling in their grave. This idiot is LOST. I refuse to listen to anything else that may come out of his mouth. lux u were correct about him…

    • Pusha

      Then again you watch battle rap where niggas talk about killing each other and fucking each others moms and shit. Nigga shut the fuck up.

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      STFU you faggot everyone else raps about that shit especially lux on his shitty ass mixtapes you hating ass nigga

  • bitgs

    run nigga haha that shits tight

  • North

    How is this child still arrogant? He has his ass whopped worse than anyone ever seen. And in TWO rounds. Oh, and Rich Dolarz clearly beat you.

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      Nigga quit lying to yourself Lux lost cal got the first two rounds

  • Cooly Bop

    The whole squad corny ! FOH ..

  • Edwin Stagg

    one year and a half later calicoe is still just ANOTHER LOST NIGGA

  • Joshua Jones

    that lux question killed everything

  • niy

    Listen!!!!! For ANYONE saying Cal beat Lux….Cal won round 1 because Lux choked period…if Lux spit the bars he did round 2 without choking he would have 3-0’d Cal easily and tjats not saying Cal is trash at all its saying Lux is on a different playing field than EVERYONE else….There is no ome in URL ready for Lux at this point he is the mayweather of the game real rap…The only way to beat Lux is with a Busta rhymes, Eminem or someone else who is as skilled lyrically as he is and NO ONE in the URL is

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      Please,O red,Big T,Charlie clips,Aye Verb will all kill lux bitch ass get off his dick you fag ass nigga

  • Art

    tay rock could take a spot or 2. tay rock is moving up in the url


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