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Rising from Buffalo, New York’s underground, Conway the Machine and his brother Westside Gunn have made gigantic steps for their city and the East Coast rap scene. In March, the duo inked a deal with Eminem for a partnership between their Griselda label and Shady Records.

“We played some music for him and all that and he was real excited, man,” Conway tells MASS APPEAL during our latest episode of Open Space. “We business first, but I don’t want to do business with nobody that I can’t look in the eye and feel comfortable with. It got to be organic and the way we vibed, I could tell he was real excited.”

Conway is set to release his solo project, Grimiest of All Time, on Shady and reveals MASS APPEAL that fans can expect beats from Daringer, the Alchemist, Statik Selectah and possibly Premier. “I think it is going to be one of the hardest albums in the last decade or two,” he says.

Conway also stresses that although he is influenced by that ’90s era New York sound, his music comes from that rough, East Side Buffalo lifestyle. What sets the Rust Belt city apart is its small size. “Somebody gets shot and you usually know him, or the nigga who shot him,” he says. “It really affect you both ways.”

Watch the full Open Space above to hear Conway speak about vlogging in the hospital after getting shot, his brother Westside Gunn, dealing with record labels and taking rap seriously.

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