Oun-P talks Calicoe, F.A.C.T.S. 2 mixtape release and jumping back in the URL RING



  • DeeezNuuuts83

    Does anyone really care to see Oun P back on URL? I don’t.

    “I’m a real nigga” and “I’m a street nigga” are some of the most cliche things you can say on a video blog these days. Plus he’s looking reaaaaaal tough shouting out tough guy shit as “Promiscuous Girl” plays in the background.

    • Dr. Drain

      Oun is nice man. I cant wait to see him in the ring. U one of them KOTD niggas!

      • DeeezNuuuts83

        Nope. I don’t even really like KOTD all that much, or their emcees (meaning the ones who started out there or at least built their name up there), and I really only watch their battles with URL guys on them. But even if I was a KOTD head, it wouldn’t change the fact that Oun P can flow on a track and in a cypher, but he’s nothing to get excited about in a battle. Keep it 100.

  • http://hoodmovies.net/ Hood Movies

    F.A.C.T.S. 1 was FUCKING TUFF… if he had better promotion, it would be considered a classic.

  • http://hoodmovies.net/ Hood Movies

    Cardo did Brainstorm, California, and O.N.I.F.C., thats just off top. and all of those stay on repeat!


    he can rap but stick too songs

  • Art

    I think oun-p will kill calico. I think calico is over rated. I don’t think calico is a top battler. I would fuck calico up bad all bars. Oun-p beat dna bad. Calico has no punches, double meanings, or say it agains. Young kannon or big kannon will bar him 2 death. Lux sent calico back 2 the proving grounds real talk


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