Street Status owner Owe is not one to get on camera! After battlers no show at SSE3 Owe’ lets the fans know what went down!! l


  • Spike

    QP, bad business, but Hes not the only one out here doing Bad business. OWE, relocate and diversify. You can’t make money in one region. Now u see what SMACK gotta put up with each battle. There is no way I would pay anyone who is not showing up and choking if they do decide to show. Now battle promoters u gotta slap urself if u decide to keep making the same mistake. Good luck OWE…

  • Jamal

    nigga owe look like he smoking hella weed lol..i feel you my nigga..your brand was big in this battle movement..you showed us hitman, verb etc…you got to just start finding hungry niggas who just wanna get seen and will do it for free..or a couple dollars..then fuck with your go to niggas who have put on for you before..for main events..QP is a joke..he came on URL battlerap arena saying how he deserve this and it aint fair..nigga stole money from blockcity with that battle when he was fucked up outside..so as a business man you got to do your research..if a nigga not gonna come prepared for URL events..he not gonna come prepared for anyone else..on URL he getting seen by way more people so thats why i said that

  • God Aweful

    Its a damn shame that these niggas don’t appreciate Street Status. They have kept a lot of nigga’s buzz up when URL wasn’t/isn’t calling for a lot of these dumb niggas.

  • Jeremy Marable

    I am a QP fan but what he did is unacceptable;keep on doing what you do.


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