Pass On “King Of New York” Line, Rumored KOTD Ban, & URL Debut


  • Andre Harris

    The Hollow is debatable but Pass washed K-Shine and DNA. Niggas don’t give him credit because he’s from Cali and niggas is salty about it.

  • North

    Low-budget Joe Budden

  • mrkj

    Pass got slept on still til dis day with hollow…. if pass was as popular as hollow at the time the convo would be a bac and forth debate but becuz he wss as known which doesn’t make sense cuz if he wasnt as good as hollow they wouldve never set up that battle… pass vs shine was a good too but def wssnt shines best showing.. as for dna first second or thord glance u give it to pass hands down but the more u listen to dnas rds although he overdid the nameflip his shits pretty sic…with said I had pass edgin all them 2-1 each and 2-1 over hollow b4 the ot…. after the ot I got it 2-1-1….

    • ohgod

      i had to read that a few times to make sense of it. english muthafucka, do u speak it?

      • mrkj

        i apologize ur brains modem still runs on dial up… if u didnt get it the first few times take ur dads dicc out ur mouth for a lil while to let ur slow mind comprehend that pass has been slept on for years he beat dna 2-1 dna was nice tho and he beat shine 2-1 which he too was nice…… as for the hollow i had him edgin it 2-1 b4 the promo 4th rd which then i had it 2-1-1 meaning a draw in the 4th…. hopefully u switched to a faster provider to help u keep up…..

        • ohgod

          That’s a little bit better. See son, English isn’t too hard a language when you put a little bit of effort in.

  • disqus_I69Qeklj1r

    pass been nice. give him cortez

  • InTheClouds856

    This nigga really do sound like a semi suburban Joe Budden. Cool ass dude tho.


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    Throw some perm on that attitude. Nigga need to relax.
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    RT @Mr_unrated_08: @HitmanHolla That ability to shake a room from hitman scary because it can happen at at any moment 💯
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    RT @just_Jimz: Let’s see what this is about !!! KOTD - Cortez vs A. Ward | #GvG2 via @YouTube
  • #BallGame✌
    I was in the back ground .. u know wen it come to hoop and $ im in the building !!
  • Mr. Sir N Drippity
    He will probably die from alcohol poisoning to @RumNitty before all that
  • Conceited!!
    🔥 chalklineofficial x Andre Agassi(Europe release only 3/4 tech challenge)
  • Voice of battle rap
    Your right