Pass vs DNA (KOTD)


  • sampirlo

    DNA KiLL PASs forreal no debating !!

    • knix3000

      word..people hate on DNA for some reason though. He is one of the most prolific battle rappers AND I have only seen him take a couple L’s.

    • Andre Harris

      You are a DNA fan obviously. Amazing how people say this guy won when he clearly lost this battle. The approach he took was corny.

  • Luke

    7:24 whoa! Y’all never see his type in the pin, so why y’all think pass cold(code)

  • rashad

    smack riders, all DNA had was 3 rounds of name flips, pass, pass, pass. His egg head got beaten, and he looks like he kneads dough. Must be a baker or something.

  • That Nigga Meteor Man

    DNA lost dont know what yall talking about,

  • fyl

    DNA niceee but he lost this 1

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    DNA stay getting his ass beat.

    • WTF!


      • DEMDIMES

        what was the last battle he won???lolol

  • myian barnes

    Pass edged every round. I prefer DNA’s style and I think he is more talented than Pass but Pass brought too much to the table where as DNA overused the name flips.

  • Yung Hollow’s BigT

    Hmmh! hmmh! hmmH! Pass N.I.C.E.. And true – NY emcees sound the same, infact most URL rappers are converging to the same type delivery, only a few come across different >> regardles > love battlerap. DNA is food. Got ate

  • Yung Hollow’s BigT

    Yo Charlie, thats the way you talk to your son 😀

    • Jeremy Marable

      That line is getting played out. DNA needs to stop taking alot of battles in a short amount of time; dilutes his perfomance

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    pass has been in my top 5 for mad yrs .

  • niyon

    I always read comments to battles and this one is no different…ppl need to stop judging battles off crowd reactions and being bias against a certain individual non I REPEAT NON of these dudes pay yall bills or help your life in anyway judge battles off bars and delivery!!! Not stage presence or aggression the crowd definitely shouldnt have an affect thats bs when you cee a boxer or UFC fighter ppl dont say he won because of his ring presence or his strikes didnt land but his aggression won the fight??!!…. BARS AND DELIVERY IS WHAT MATTERS!!! What you say and how you say it NOTHING ELSE!!!! DNA WON EASILY!!! Mind you I do not like DNA

    • ohgod

      u retarded nigga. DNA won?? DNA played on Pass’s name on ALL 3 ROUNDS u retarded negro. Not 1. Not 2. But ALL 3 rounds. You call that bars? Nigga you from a retarded mama’s womb.

    • kasai smith

      DNA’s bars are ELEMENTARY and REDUNDANT. He’s just plain old not as smart, clever or lyrical as PASS. I’m not a fan of either per say DNA just lost yet another battle.

  • realrap

    pass aint been good since da didididi don

  • Pass easy win

    Man I don’t care what anyone says DNA got out rapped in this one. Both had bars, but DNA performances are redundant, it’s like a watching a reply. Pass did him dirty and pretty much spazzed out. No body bag, but saying DNA won because he had “bars” is irrelevant. Battle rap has evolved, you need more than bars. You need performance, cadence, believability, and be unique. If it was about bars then Chilla would be that dude.

    • Truth

      Chilla is that dude. To Hip Hop lovers that is. Lux before Chilla though.

      • Jeremy Marable

        He takes too long to get the point; B Magic is better; gets straight to the punches

  • Fats

    DNA just stop PLEASE……………. What is it the money????? Ill give u the money

    • WTF!


  • Florida Boy

    Honestly im fucking with Pass on this one. he was crisp and on point

  • ATMsWorld

    DNA trashed him

  • J Blangz

    i got DNA 2-1… cant judge a battle on too many name flips if the shit make sense…..if that gives dna this loss then lottazay battles should be reviewed

  • Ray B

    He do look like 50 Tyson tho

  • ArkansasBlacc


    • RogerBliddack

      Hate him or Love him, DNA gets battles because he usually shows up, prepared with 3 FULL rounds, for whoever he faces. Whether it’s on URL, or KOTD, or Don’t Flop, or any other battle league… the boy puts in work. No debating. And if you have watched URL battles over the past year… ALOT of the top-tier niggas do not show up, or do not have 3 full rounds. There’s only a handful of these URL battlers that always come FULLY prepared. (like DNA, Young Kannon, T-Rex, K-Shine, Big T, Swave Sevah, Big Kannon just to name a few). With that said… Passwurdz WON this battle. (But they both brought some good bars, imo.)

      • ArkansasBlacc

        Battle rap is like Hollywood they are actors and a good actor is supposed to suspend your disbelief momentarily dna doesn’t do that just not a good actor he is to battle rap what sam bowie was to Portland

        • RogerBliddack

          You could be right, but look at it this way, even if you hate his bars & delivery or do not think he is good… if DNA is consider an actor… at least he shows up on-time and fully prepared – with ALL his lines well-rehearsed & memorized. That’s WHY he keeps getting hired by the Producers & Directors (aka the Battle Promoters). A lot of other battle emcees in the game cannot say the same. They either show up late, or not at all, or they did not rehearse long enough, or they forgot their lines entirely and they don’t know how to improv / freestyle. etc, etc, etc,

        • ArkansasBlacc

          I will give you that good point nevertheless sam bowie lol

      • kasai smith

        So… DNA’s a formidable punching bag.

        • RogerBliddack

          Not exactly. DNA can freestyle and flip bars on the spot and has a decent pen game, and always ‘puts up a good fight’. The problem is, he’s over saturated right now. Really he needs to take a 3-5 month break from battling (in EVERY league) to take some time to ‘re-invent’ himself (and his whole style) and come back with something completely different. But BETTER. If you know your history, kinda like how Zev Love X (from KMD) started wearing an iron mask… and later became MF Doom, or some shit. Or how like how Dr. Dre went from disco… to thugged-out, gangsta rapper. You get the point. If he stopped battling for just a few months, and read a few books like Sun Tzu “Art of War” plus a few others, he would change his entire approach. Guaranteed.

  • Fuh Q Bish

    Pass destroyed the 1st but DNA got the 2nd and 3rd

  • Top5iveDOA

    Never evn heard of this Pass nigga but he jus fucked DNA upp

  • Truth

    Low budget Joe Budden! DNA probably lost but that was 100% accurate with that. What a loser.

  • Unspoken Truth

    Another L in a shirt he wore on camera already he should retire and retire that shirt as well

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration

    DNA was arguably 3-0’d three times this year, by K-Shine, B-Magic, and now Pass. That’s battle rap history, DNA just made history, nigga needs to retire now, ASAP. Dude’s cold booty. Btw, Pass been nice I’ve been down with dude since Grindtime when he was giving Hollow work…

  • Razor

    DNA needs to slow it down on taking so many battles it’s hurting his brand because he’s half assing it and niggas is coming to take his fuckin head off everytime mainly because he’s above most of the guys he’s faced in terms of popularity… . Majority of fans say he lost to Charron, B-Magic, K-Shine, Arsonal, and Pass this year alone… Chill out for a while, get your demand up, load up on bars and come back mid next year…

  • dboy3

    Whoa pass got this one he was ready 2-1 pass but fuck dna still that nigga tho them west coast niggas be snapping too

  • Listenup

    Pass Round ! DNA Round 2 Round 3 debatable in thing DRAW!!!

  • Rexchap

    i’m rather TIRED of DNA!! I give this to PASS by default! Shine’s DNA scheme was SO good, NOBODY should touch it and Pass did! Gets points off for that! Pass gets points deducted for the DNA momma shit! it’s wack and it’s NOT even funny! But overall, i’ll give it to Pass….but not impressive!

  • Fire God

    Whoa!! Really a classic. Big up both of these artists, DNA & Pass. I think the winner is the fans. Though the rounds could have been longer me say ah Fire. I got DNA on this though. He had was in Passes yard and still put on. If you think Pass won I won’t debate you. And thats why I say the fans won. Don’t need no comments on this ether! Everybody got an options keep yours seen! BigLOVE.

  • Raymond

    I really can’t call it. No one killed and no one got killed. I’m really not a huge Pass fan, though.

    As far as people hating on DNA, win or lose, DNA always puts on a good show and that’s why he keeps getting booked. He has some legendary battles: Him killing T-Rex, him vs. Diz, etc. And he has the best rebuttals in the game. He needs to reinvent himself a bit, though. Cortez did it and he’s been killing this year. He needs to start learning some different techniques. That set up line, set up line, set up line, punch line that Clips gets away with doesn’t work as well for DNA. People are used to his cadence and his angles. Flipping “Pass” all battle was easy. But…

    The dude is young and has done as much as anyone else in past 3 years to push battle rap forward. A lot of you guys are really corny for hating as much as you do. And all of you clicked on it because it had DNA on it…so, stop.

  • Winmath7

    URL needa Get Pass vs Bmagic…or Pass vs.Ored. bars on deck

  • WTF!

    DNA is finished… his style is the epitome of predictable formatted battle rap.

    • kasai smith

      Very well said sir. I think i’ll say it again. THE EPITOME OF PREDICTABLE FORMATTED BATTLE RAP. Whenever u take something from the underground and try to mass produce it, it loses integrity/ quality. This is no different. He was never THAT good to begin with. Now that he spreads himself so thin trying to make a career of battle rap his performance is suffering.

  • JAWZ

    DNA WON, URL #1

  • ferb420

    Damn bro, DNA should’ve passed on Pass because Pass mashed his ass and smoked it like hash.

  • Fats

    With all them scrambled letters I spelled out mausberg to come across words….. Word hollow vs pass like 207 years ago DNA stop it jus quit all this recycled forced wordplay n elementary name flips is lame n boring go cry u always look like u want too

  • Josh Polo Neal

    Passwordz bar’d his ass out……Dna Always comes with same approach in every battle…THATS SHITS THE SAME MY NIQQA…nameflip……chilla and him need to go Bowling …2-1 pass

  • Kooler

    DNA lost this one

  • Realshit

    Pass would have gotten booed out of NYC with those wack ass lyrics..URL fans don’t have patience for that garbage..

  • QuisRankin

    Yall trippin if yall think he beat DNA he lost when he said he beat Hollow cause all he had was name flips get the fuck outa here

  • kelssocrazy

    dna got smashed



  • Hubert DeRavin

    Great battle. I don’t see how any body can say DNA lost y’all crazy or hating.. That was a very close battle great stage performance on both side. DNA name flip were crazy. His personals were body blows. I felt pass bit off of K Shine skit a little bit with that double helix shit but he got it in and moved on. His performance was tight so I didn’t knock him too hard for it. You can judge this battle for either opponent and it would be completely understandable. I give it to DNA for better schemes, personal and freestyle rebuttals…2-1

  • AllEyezOnAce

    Pass killed DNA & He know it


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