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This is the 1st part of a new series we are launching called “Pay Homage” where we highlight, reminisce and break down some of the best battles in URL history.

The battles are chosen at random, but I have specific reasons for choosing this one, and that reason? It’s simply one of my favorite of all time. I think a lot of you will agree with me. Not all of the monumental battles in URL has thrown take place on the Main Stage, some have happened in the PG’s, or ONE OFF’s like this one. I recall when this battle was announced. Both Chilla and JC were white hot with their own buzz when this battle was booked and to watch these two clash was something special. It was talked about for month in all the battle rap debate groups. Debated for months. It’s been about 2 years since and this battle is still held in high regard. It hasn’t reached a million yet? why? well we will explore that in the series as well. More posts will be coming, but for now. Sit back and watch the entire battle again. Lets get it to over a million, because it deserves to be.

A little history, you’ll notice the logos on the video, Ciroc, and RevoltTV, this was when was in the mist of launching these 2 brands. It might have been the night before Summer Madness 2, the monumental event that involved Diddy.

Other post will follow through out the month breaking each round down bar for bar. We will also be breaking down the history behind this battle, how it got setup and the battlers themselves. Stay tuned…


“…I mean image ain’t everything right? but you no where close to tuff’ / What you got? a couple of Schemes? and some Slow It Down’s? nigga…you rap slow enough / But see, you the type – we can tell frontin’,  I got Hell crumblin’ / This your training day, I see anything or smell somethin’, we clappin’ Birds like Denzel comin'” – JC

“I rap depressin’ and lack aggressison right? simple… / Well I punch nice as Kimbo, homie you wanna’ bet? It’s Curtains. I bring Pane [pain] if you try and Window [win doe], you couldn’t duck these barz and now your life’s in Limbo / See my man so unfuckin’ stoppable, that when I tell them bring heat to the Carribean [crib he in], it’s nothin’ Tropical” – Chilla







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