Philly Swain vs KG The Poet

Main event from Central Cali Clash #


  • happy2bnappy

    This is the best battle rap site period

  • canin

    Philly swain……WOW. KG the Poet won easy!!!

  • Kix

    KG Smoked Philly Swain 3-0.

    • Omega


  • Star anderson

    kg didnt take him serious 3-0 kg is to nice barrs

  • dfdfs

    Philly Swain was salty afterwards. Make sure you watch the ending.

    • Omega

      Swain still got it tho 2-1

      • clash


  • rayray

    philly got that 2nd round tho. EASY. thas that real nigga sh*t. he just needs some better punches

  • Brixxxx

    KG Won. Philly Need To Calm That Shit Down, After Daylyt You Need To Just Rap Not Act Like You Did A Line In The Bathroom Before The Battle, But I Did Give Him The 2nd Round But KG 2-1

  • ceez

    swain 2-1 easy

  • flamez

    yall buggin swain beat this young boy

    swain is an old school style smack 2004 battle rapper swain is a new age tired metaphor word play nigga

    • flamez

      i mean kg is a new

  • URLGueST

    Swain was on his shit, beast mode. KG sounded and looked a little intimidated I think. Best I heard Swain in a minute, back on his bullshit. KG was good but aggression took the battle, KG didn’t have his confidence I was waiting for his voice to crack, big up to both though.

    • Omega


  • Sam F

    KG 3-0 but the whole thing was entertaining. YO this shit is wack to me they kept rolling the cameras and releasing that. Mad unprofessional. Smack would’ve had a sound effect a flash and be out. Next one. That just looks like you’re just trying to get views for bullshit that doesn’t matter. I understand that views = monetary gains if its enough, but the integrity of their brand should be worth more than that.

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh


  • Grindmode

    Glad Philly back bruh…and i see working out now…salute

    • Grindmode

      Just watched the ending…philly tryna test the young bull is extra corny. You know he did that, cause he think KG soft and he aint from around there.

  • theluxlife2013

    philly went in after the battle LMAO..” sean jean jeans…you dont even know puff.. he aint never seen jeans!” lmao

  • Url Stan

    Ohhhhhh my Philly Swain went banoodles 1,008 in a brick lmaoo……..daylyt didn’t beat Philly swain in my opinion……2-1 Swain it was a good battle tho……..KG whipped daylyt too

  • Streets Buchanon

    Philly won. Rounds were too short best part of the battle was the fight about to happen at the end . Not to take anything from Swain but this the lightest ive heard KG he usually is a beast


    philly got that,KG Pull a charlie clips move……

  • Jlove

    How can anyone say Philly won this!!? The nigga almost sounded like E. Ness bitch ass, Wtf!!!

  • clash

    Dope battle, KG and Philly both were dope but KG won, you know he won cause Philly got mad at the end and wanted to buss, who does that? KG 2-1 maybe 3-0

  • BuNDLeZz

    Philly Swain wacc .. ngga knew he lost so he tryd 2crack jokes on KG at the end lmaoff GTFOH

    KG 2-1

  • Thomas

    Swain raps like the better version of E Ness

  • Star anderson

    yo ya ll stupid as hell if ya’ll think philly swain beat kg.. kg is nice hasn’t lost yet

  • MelleMel

    Nigga rockin sean john lol


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