Poison Pen Recalls Origins With Immortal Technique

http://www.vladtv.com/ – Poison Pen dug deep into his memory bank and revealed to VladTV Battle Rap journalist, Michael Hughes, how exactly he came to be acquainted with PH, Immortal Technique, and Swave Sevah. Pen’s relationship with all three go way back, with him and PH knowing each other since high school. He concluded his interview in this clip by cosigning Swave Sevah’s renown martial arts fightings skills.


  • realnybkallday

    pen need to stop hating on ny, say something hot from ny he no reaction, be from out of town say some thing ok, he acting out. check him out in chilla vs dna, check him out shine vs big t. sit yo big ass in the back and hate, we don’t need no mo hype men in the front. rappers bring there own hype men. looking like a cross between benedict arnold & too big mc.


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