Before artist perform on SMACK/ URL ; the worlds largest and most respected platform for Battle Rap, they must show they are worthy in SMACK/ URL’s Proving Grounds. This isn’t a league for beginners but more of a profile builder before these rising stars move on to the next level of their careers. This match up is between D Money of Brooklyn, NY and Prez Mafia of The Bronx, NY. Make sure you attend URL’s “Born Legacy” taking place in NYC on Saturday December 14th sponsored by Exclusiv Vodka. Tickets can be purchased now or at the door the day of the event. DOWNLOAD @RAIN910 ALBUM “Live Fast, Die Young” FREE… DOPE HIPHOP ALBUM


  • Murlin

    steph curry 3-0

  • JAWZ

    3-0 U-NO

  • Jon bLaze

    3-0 WOOSA

  • niyon

    Steph Curry killed Nick Van Axel 3-0

  • therealestcritic

    Shout out to the new talent coming to URL. They definitely been putting on better than these so called top-tier. Steph curry in the face 3-0

    • RogerBliddack

      “Steph Curry in the face” – roflmao. hilarious.

    • tony

      Still laughing at “Steph Curry in the face”.. LMAO. Who set D Money up for this murder? Prez 3 Oh

  • Asifgun

    lol nigga sed steph curry. to me he remind me of vado


    check prez mafia vs show off / prez mafia vs dutch on youtube #barz #supportdasport

  • J Blangz

    this should of been locked away in a vault! lol

  • kichigai913

    D-Money put himself in a body bag. Prez Mafia just zipped it up.

  • Aubrey OVO

    Wtf is this shit? Wasnt Clips vs Surf supposed to drop today?


    Prez 3-0 ..get tht young boy on a Card.. Prez VS JC would be dope

  • Los

    D Money look broke after Prez kicked that door in.
    Prez 3 – 0 D Money

    Kinda interested to see what Prez can do with a real opponent.

  • coreyrouster12

    that was a easy 3-0 Prez a Monster

  • Dot D

    this shit was wack prez not that hot he won because d money was horrible


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