Fresh new killers line up in the PG circuit. Ah Di Boom & Mr Wavy clash heads over 3-rounds. Catch the full battle and let us know who took the W home. URL ends the year strong with Born Legacy going down 12.14.2013 scoop your tickets at



  • Mayor Bloomberg

    Far better then John John vs Jc
    # Facts

  • Great Battle

    Mr Wavy 2-1 maybe 3-0. I’d give Adi Boom round 1 just for the hell of it, either way he still lost. But Adi Boom better than a lot of these “top-tier” cats, if there is even a thing called top tier.

  • niyon

    Wavy caught a body 3-0…1st round was the only round debatable

  • hamza

    Man that ways a classic battle, both cats came prepared firing from the jump. Had that first going to Ah DI, was his best I ever heard, but Wavy came back wit some ish, unfortunately Ah DI is official but cats always bring their a-game bc they know he can’t be taken lightly. 2nd rd close, but think Wavy was more entertaining and had the crowd, rd 3, Ah Di had more content over Wavy’s subpar gun bars that rd. Wavy 2-1, could say either way depending on that 1st round, had Wavy went first, could have said the same. Love these hungry battlers, not the content spoiled ones giving us watered down material like spoiled mainstream rappers. One

  • LightWork21

    Mr wavy vs rich dollars

    • Bthorpe

      Mr. wavy vs Tsu Surf!
      But rich vs wavy would be cool too

  • Darkvibes

    Feeling the double drop Smack!!! Great PG battle, thought they both did themselves justice lyrically and had stage presence. Ahdi came out the blocks all guns blazing. I thought Mr Wavy was therefore in trouble before he had even begun but he proved me wrong and had me thinking were into a proving grounds classic, although I give the first Ahdi’s way. Next two rounds confirmed this battles status as one of the best examples as to why the “up and coming” are just that bit more hungry for it! Debatable but I edge I slightly to Mr Wavy 2-1…….I’d like to see Mr Wavy V Hitman Holla as I think they have similarities but are different enough to warrant a match up. I think an eventual Ahdi V Aye Verb would also be interesting but a massive test for Ahdi to take on just yet.

  • maurice

    mr wavy 3-0 damn body bag

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Ad hi came out the gate screaming but lost a lot of steam after wavy got off. 2-1 maybe even 3-0 I gotta watch it again…

  • Cdot201

    Great battle! Both had bars and stage presence……This is great for the culture , this is hat URL needed to put pressure on the top teir class to go back in theirs bags and stop being Hollywood cause these new cats Are Ready ….

  • Tye Phillips

    that nigga wavy said lyk crashbandicoot leave u humdigod tho lol

  • Debo Marks


  • That Nigga Meteor Man

    i can see Adi Boom on the Main Stage Sooner than Wavy

  • BIG V

    WAVY NEEDS A SHOT AGAINST A NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chilla, or verb or even better put him against real deal

  • Isaiah

    2-1 Mr Wavy no body Ahdi Got bars fuck y’all just aint get em Wavy nice lets see if he bring it in his next battle

  • BigJamar

    2-1 boom shit is debatable you could say 2 -1 wavy both them niggas went crazy I fuck wit both of them. They ready Smack

  • Hella

    Boom won the first 2 mr wavy black out in the 3rd

  • Darnell Godengineering Gary

    Mr.wavy 2-1

  • Yungmiles

    How u ppl judge battles? Crowd or bars, just be a fan shit was classic, no body bag on either side,sometimes the crowd can over hype some bars,

  • FAMP

    I like um both fuck it.. Debatable. I would give it to Mr. Wavy just cause he ended stronger.. Message to Adi, before you call other niggaz out during the battle make sure your boding the nigga in front of you. You and Danja would be a sweaty ass

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    Can Someone Tell Smack There’s A “V” In The Word “Movement”… It’s Not “Mooment”… And Stop Doing Dumb Shit With His Hands Everytime He Talks… I Don’t Know Who Is Worse Him Or DNA… Anyway… Dope Battle… Mr. Wavy 2-1… These PG Battles Better Than The Ones They Be Promoting…

  • ArkansasBlacc

    adi boom delivery nice

  • gwvaio

    NXT is better than RAW and the PGs have been better than the main stage lately

  • rwest29

    oh shit I didn’t kno Charlie clips and muder mook battle …

  • Tony Brown

    Mr wavy got this one

  • m

    wavvyy baby

  • Yung Hollow’s BigT

    We need more unorthodox styled emcees on the URL. Watched this battle for first time today, and Wavy went in, but come on now – feels like ive watched this battle before – same rhyme schemes ive heard a thousand times before, same aggression, same gun talk, too many biting styles of top-tiers, emcees aint original anymore. When I say unorthodox. i mean like the old Hollow, a Head ice, Charlie clips before everybody started raping like him. Jin tha emcee. Cats that battle and u dont need to spot the difference when they spit, their diff is beyond evident its unquestionable. No lie, not only did these two sound alike, i reapeat sound like something ive heard before. Hot lines tho no hating.

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies


  • niyon

    29:22 Taye Rock react to Wavy’s line lmaoooooooo great battle wavy 2-1 very debatable no body bag either way

  • tana

    this nigga adi boom is the next big thing this nigga nice

  • tana

    to say adi got 3-0 is crazy this was even but im going wit adi 2 to 1


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