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  • DC

    LOL, Daylyt a fool callin in at 1:51.. Calicoe would kill him!!

    • Supa Grover

      u drawn. when Daylyt put on that mask…

  • Rexchap

    SMH at that dumbass bitch callin in , talking how Lux wasn’t relevant and she didn’t know what he was talking about!!!   ONE, he always WAS relevant, just cuz YOU didn’t know, don’t mean NOBODY was checkin for him…..TFOH  and TWO, you’re just like alot of these fans…..DUMB AS HELL !!!  There’s a reason why you didn’t understand him…..You don’t talk like that and don’t know anybody who talks like that……YOU DON’T KNOW MUCH!!!!!!

    CAL is the same……young and dumb…..lacks a vocabulary and expects JUVENILE TYPE SHIT to be spit!!!!!!


    • flex boogie

      cal might be thesame . fact remains . lux choked , then rapped for twice as long in one rnd an 3 x as long in rnd 3 ..and used props to win .. oh and the crowd assisted in making cal stumble in 2nd rnd . unless any of this is false then u cant actually say anything about cal . sorry .

      • $18969051

        damn …..let it go Cal LOST

        • flex boogie

          the saddest part of the interview is jessricans retarded ass trynna make calicoe reflect on if he made a mistake talking about other people too much in his first rnd … like it made any diference when lux choked .. lmao its pathetic the level of dick riding .. how can an ‘unbiased’ member of url will have such an outlook on the battle ..

      • <y-dey-madatanigga

        based off these comments sounds like niggas want a rematch between Lux n Cal, but I never seen a nigga avenge his own DEATH in any ring, it’ll never happen

    • Mr.Rude

      I understand you being a huge fan of Lux .. I’am myself.. He’s always been relevant to me too.. I don’t see his buzz dying down no time soon because it’s been flaming for years even when he wasn’t active ( ON CAMERA ).. BUT!. I’m sick of u niggas saying .. OH NIGGAS DON’T UNDERSTAND LUX CAUSE THEY DUMB.. HE’S AN ALIEN … HIS BARS ARE TO MUCH FOR NIGGAS HEAD.. YOU’LL NEVER FULLY UNDERSTAND HIM… Nigga hit the PAUSE button and eject his dick out ya mouth… That bitch who called in was ratchet and probably had an I.Q of a rock 

      But everybody who doesn’t understand what Lux is spitting ISN’T DUMB neither are they not as intellectual as he is… Mark Zuckerberg , Oprah , Warren Buffet, Bill Gates , Donald Trump etc. would probably listen to his shit and laugh their ass off and not understand 1 meaning behind a single bar.. Does that make them dumb niggas and cracka’s??.. Nah nigga..that means just exactly what I said earlier.. THEY DON’T GET IT.. nothing more nothing less… Or even a millionaire who comes from an even worse struggle and childhood than Lux and know’s that street shit in and out probably wouldn’t get it neither but that doesn’t take anything away from that person’s intellect or range of vocabulary.And we’re talking about Millionaires/Billionaires whom are around that type of lingo to an even LARGER scale.. Lux is good at putting words together because he’s a gifted MC.. But make no mistake he’s talking about some of the same situations we hear in Rap now-a-days on the radio but the difference is he serves it up on a different plate.. To un-trained minds it may come off as something new and a breath of fresh air.. but to a nigga who study bars such as myself and many others he’s talking about nothing different from IM BETTER THAN YOU LYRICALLY , I CAME FROM THE HARDEST OF THE HARD , LIFE WAS TOUGH , I KNOW NIGGAS WHO GOT BODIES UNDER THEY BELT , IVE HAD TO MOVE PACKS TO RECEIVE INCOME… yada yada.. Lux just doesn’t give that shit up easy.. he makes a nigga WORK for it…I.E .. YOU GONE GET THIS WORK NIGGA !!..

      yeah i typed a book.. GET MAD !!

  • Supa Grover


  • jallow

    daylyte is my dude lol he is killing me. i’m a little ‘scepta-cal’

  • Bless

    Can anyone tell me what instrumental that is at the start? shits good

  • flex boogie

    smh jesse asking why cal was in shot guns corner … these are thesame people that judge unjudged battles on battle rap arena …  and decide who won for all the dick riders to follow . 1.19.00 that nigga is a slow dick eating fanboy ..

  • flex boogie

    1.19.00 that nigga is a slow dick eating fanboy ..

  • @IHateRex

    LOL DayLyt is a fool. Dot Mobb!!1 #bootypalmboyz

  • Tabeebasim

    Calicoe a cool dude

  • Tabeebasim

    “you remind me of me when I was whack!” LMBO!!!!

  • TaTa_U

    I don’t like the idea that he says he was set up and Smack & URL had the shit in the game to make sure Lux won… I don’t think Calicoe could have won that battle if he had equal time. Calicoe bars were not
    equal to Lux.

    If Calicoe NEVER EVER has anything tailor made for him.. Lux Tailor made those bars for Calicoe and THAT is why Lux out did Calicoe IMO.

  • king24

    CALICOE BEAT LUX 2-1 all lux did was talk about his dad get tha fuck outta here and calicoe will beat lux up lol lux shit was weak sum shit was hard but noooo lux fell off ta me how he came n retirement

  • king24

    calicoe will kill daylight aye CALICOE dats EAZY MONEY EAZY


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