• God Aweful

    Star girl talked all that shit and that is what she came with? QB 3-0

  • ChicagoWeOn

    QB kicked her ass 3-0

    • millz

      I agree.. i do think stargirl had more bars than QB but she had no presence.. too much of a rookie. QB just yells about bullshit but she def caught a body

      • God Aweful

        Star Girl had more bars? You must be counting all the bars that she took from other battlers. Even then QB had more bars.

  • uptownreppa

    star girl 2-1 qb recycled agression didnt work for me.

    • clash

      FOH.. always a hater going against the grain, QB 3-0 her clown

      • Uptownreppa

        Your not a fan your a fantic. Smd same ol qb

        • Boss

          Are you crazy and u don’t know battle rap.. Most if not all have a style that they use… Qb is aggression , jazz is bars, 40 is bars, surf is aggression, bmagic is a puncher. You clearly don’t understand how to judge a battle. You sound like a grind time fan

    • nine5for

      u are star lady red thats the only way u can say something like that

  • sampirlo

    QB is the best Female Battle rap period

  • King

    Lady Red is a bird. Straight up! And she dumb wack. QB ate her

  • William Onehundred

    Damn qb….homicide.

  • Ashley Hagans

    QB ate her and star girl lady red is all over twitter talk about she won i don’t know what battle she was talking about but QB 3-0 her …

  • detmosthated

    qb 3-0

  • nine5for

    star lady 1st rd was ight but QB bodied that battle, hands down

    • Oh really

      Don’t give her a pity round. She was terrible. Star girl is trash. QB fucked her up.

      • nine5for

        i said her 1st rd was ight i didnt say i gave it to her

  • mahdi777

    first off, respect to Star for dropping his battles in a timely fashion, no matter who’s battling, the fans respect it dig, RNT. QB bodied Star, but can honestly say that is the best i ever heard Star. gotta give credit where credit is due, i know a lot going extra hard on her b/c of that interview, but she did much better than i expected, QB was on fire, and dang near any female that stepped in the ring with those bars she had that day would have been in trouble. big ups for a good performance by QB

  • pimpin slimm

    Stargirl couldn’t hang with da young vet……QB 3-0

  • Boss

    QB 3-0 this bitch….” Star who is dis bitch”

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    QB AND JAZZ SHOLDA DONE THE REMATCH. if ther was a REMATCH that sholda been it.

  • ChiseEagle

    I cannot front, I am not a QB fan but her past 2 performances were grade A shyt. She is punching a lot better with the same aggression. StarGirl came using personals we had already heard, so her performance suffered a lot. Kudos QB..

  • Ray B

    They goin harder than the niggas

  • Ness Rosenbrad

    Star Girl got bodied. Smack needs to stop allowing her to be on stage in the middle of all the Url battles. She doesn’t have talent

  • FAMP

    ok 1st round debatable..

  • FAMP

    Ok round 2 done.. and this battles aigh!. They both going in.. Big up ladies y’all putting on better battles than the dudes.. Sheesh..

  • locks

    star girl lady red bitches face is dirty
    u can see the zitts coming out the camera
    she must really look ugly without make up shit was mad nasty
    bitch clean ur face !!!!!

  • Blue_585

    Star lady is garbage

  • flipper773

    Close Battle. I’m a fan of QB but 1st & 2nd rounds were debatable. QB edged the 3rd. No biaz. Lady Red came with it. Closest female battle I’ve seen.

  • hatedumbasswhitepeople

    qbwon hands down

  • Jon green

    QB lost round 1 …. smh

  • Swagg

    Star girl boredddddddddd the shit out of me man

  • XtraTrstrL

    OMG, first time listening to either of them battle. I watched the little pre-battle interview shit with Star talkin’ crazy shit while QB was staying calm and collected. I didn’t expect QB to be this much of a monster. Shit, she has better presence, delivery, and bars. Damn, she killed Star. She can’t even ask for a rematch in the future after a 1 sided beating like this.

  • http://www.artistpr.com/reeno REENO

    QB — LandSlide 3-0


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