QOTR continues with a series of interviews with Jaz the Rapper. In this series she states that she’s the best bar for bar female battle rapper. We also touch on how she thinks she’ll do on a SM3 stage.


  • marsiano007

    40 is the best bar for bar… jaz cant even fuck with mis fit

  • FAMP

    40 Bars VS JAZZ … Mrs Hustle VS Official.. think about it…!!! Set it up!

  • Rexchap

    You just alright ma, you not really all that. Many of your bars type wack, Know you got them ghost writers out. You know what else you on here a lot, you got to be servicing somebody Norbes, Beas, Smack….. Maybe all three at different times. You lie like that, only a fool would believe you a V. You got like 13 different guys on the low, all thinking they the one.

  • Jamal

    who cares if she fucking or not..why is that even an issue..lets get down to facts..only reason she on the level she is, is cause of the machine behind her..Url pushes her, advertisers her and markets her as the best..she has only had what 2-3 battles and only one on URL..Ehart to me is the queen of the ring..all classic battles, her battle popped off the 1st URL event or women..Jaz not wack but i def dont think she the top..Same bias shit niggas always talking about is why shes considered the top..I ehart, 40 barz etc got as much promotion as jaz then the convo would be different. If hot 97 only play down south shit..then thats what niggas hear constantly. You only the most popular cause SMACK tells people you the most popular..and there is a difference between popular and best

    • Mike Roxy

      It is at least 10 femcees on top of Jaz the rapper at any given time. It is politics that’s pushing her forward & many people see it. Ehart, Ms Hustle, Ms Fit, Chayna Ashley, Phara Funeral, QB, Shooney just to name a few. Just because you say you the best don’t make you the best. Itz favoritism at play here.

  • Hydro

    Jazz is dope but their are better female mc’s check http://incomebyHits.com/?refer=3196

  • wtf

    awww………….. beasly with a wig on????????????????


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