QP Says Battle Rap Aint Fair

Qleen Paper comes on the show to express that he feels he gets judged different then others in Battle Rap

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  • bobwisely

    I was just thinking yesterday where the fuck has this guy been? I’ve been waiting 7 years for QP vs JJDD to drop. Come back Qleen we need you in the URL!

    • Florida Boy

      yo why they wont drop that footage

      • DeeezNuuuts83

        They said that there were audio issues.

        • Florida Boy

          damn thats awful

  • Wackkkkk

    Who the hell asking for queer paper? To keep it 100 i stopped watching 90% of these battles they corny and too many gun bars i mean 30-45 minutes of straight ill shoot ur moms and rob ur drugs lines is getting so wack everyone spittin the same caca…”i dont wanna faucet”
    Come with originality or dont come at all, i think smack overpaying these dudes.

    “Ever since chilla came niggas been schemin more than r.kelly at a middle school…Fuk all these pubchlines and name flips yall battle rappers actin like these fans eanna see every different battle rapper spit the same shit”

    Drop the ill will battle…the only one id watch from Sm3 from beggining to end w/o skipping…2real spitters right there

    • Agustus Mayes

      Bitch stop watchin Smack!

      • killajing

        you should of spit the whole bar for that wierd ass nigga lol

        • Agustus Mayes

          Real shit

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        SAY IT AGAIN!

    • killajing

      if you dont like hearing bout glocks and macs or how we on the block wit packs rocks of crack bitch stop watchin smaaaacck

      • Wackkkkk

        i dont care what you faggots say, none of you OR those battle rappers are about that life…bunch of 50cent ass niggaz…talk a whole bunch of stuff you know nothing about. Even the SM3 crowd was talkin over the battlers. they tired of hearing the same ol’….ill be crazy tight if i paid $100 or better and its the same garbage every single battle.i dont mind that guntalk talk but its all the same way the same people be sayin. add some humor add some charisma add entertainment to the battle. i watched pay stay vs arcane the other day and it was exactly how if a Url rapper would spit (arcane) vs someone who talks about everything and entertains the crowd (stay).

        i dont mess with Okwerdz in anytype of way after the arsonal battle but “i’d rather tell jokes and say suck my testicles, then being some one-dimensional gunrhyme punchline festival, whats next pull out those imaginary glocks and a-keezys put me in a motha fukin box and say ez”….

        serius jones woulda had battle of the night bc he brings more to the table but math is a hater….besides the ill vs tay rock battle we were left with a snooze fest…

        and fans stay in your place….you aint thugs g’s or goons in any way…u put me to sleep with that

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          Typing paragraphs but you don’t care. Yeah, right

        • killajing

          nigga dont ever reply to me pouring your fucking heart out in an open letter keep it short and to the point next time. point taken tho

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike


      • North

        You fool, don’t you know Hip Hop isn’t about gun bars? It’s about who’s the best poet. Don’t you know what SMACK stands for? To say that ignorant phrase QP said is to spit on Hip Hop, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what battle rap is about, keeping the essence of Hip Hop alive?

        • killajing

          listen northwest i fux with this shit as a whole i like all aspects of it not just the gun bars i fux wit other leagues too but that specific bar the way he put it is dope to me. that dont mean i only like gun bars grow up

  • Spike

    Please do this interview again. Some real stuff was about to drop and the phone went dead.

  • Whatyofeetsmelllike

    QP is a beast and has the illest delivery,but will let it waste before he uses it.

    • MJ0810

      if he prepared for every battle like he did vs jus juice nigga would be top tier

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        He said he only wrote a day for juice and by work he means in the street hearing the homies talk and writing rhymes lol

  • Chris Scott

    I want qp back he dope

  • jmoney

    All norbes is saying is that QP has to take a lesser name battle and show out, at this point he needs to just take anybody and show he is the best, if he does that he will easily be back in people’s top ten, norbes is still a bird ass nigga though he knows people wanna see qp and that’s what his damn job is to give the fans what they want smh

  • jabarr202


  • DeeezNuuuts83

    If QP can do two battles in a row without choking, that would up his stock

    • RogerBliddack

      Agreed 100%.

      Instead of QP worrying about getting a big name “that makes sense” to battle… or worrying about who OTHER nuccas is battling.. all QP has do is SPIT 6 STRAIGHT ROUNDS (i.e. 2 battles) without choking, or resorting to freestyling because he forgot his raps… AGAINST ANYBODY AT ALL…. and he would probably have a line around the corner of all the ‘top tier’ names ready & willing to battle him.


      Forget about who’s battling who.
      Forget about which big names you got… or didn’t get offered.

      (ie Two different 3-round battles)

      And everything else will fall into place.

      Unfortunately for QP, the ‘perception’ is that he can’t go 3 full rounds.
      It ain’t about his opponents.

      If he wants to get better battles ‘that make sense’…. he’s gotta destroy the ‘perception’ that’s out there FIRST.

  • Murlin

    has anybody noticed that that say it again shit waters a good bar down, it was cool at first but now that shit weak, i dont wanna hear it again if i got it the first time

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Nope. Just you.

  • Louie

    QP vs Charlie Clips in a 2 Round battle

  • bobwisely

    Fuck man norbes is such a bitch. He was probably that kid in school that everybody hated because he acted like your best friend to your face than went and talked mad shit on you behind your back. At SM3 we were waiting in line and him and one of SMACK’s camera man said let’s do an interview with the fans and he said and I’m quoting this word for word with fans standing right next to him ” Nah fuck that I need to get inside” the camera man begged him to do one and norbes was basically saying fuck you to the fans and was standing right next to us while doing it. FUCK YOU NORBES YOU SKINNY FAT PIECE OF SHIT.

    • Eric Kelly

      Dats why Norbes really ain’t shit doe..it’s basically smack,Chico,and Beasley,Norbes da nigga dey send to go get dutches

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Norbes a faggot. Rosenberg & Hitman said they gonna beat his ass. THat’s why they weren’t called for sm3 and any other battle respectively.

  • razor

    QP definitely had a point on the Yung Ill shit… I don’t even respect that nigga after that Cortez shit then to do it again against O-Red AND have a shitty battle vs JC and get Charlie Clips…. Yeah there’s no way URL can defend that especially when there are battlers out here who have been putting in work while Marlon has been at home nursing his sore vagina for the past few months…

    Oh and Norbes is a faggot get him off the show already… I remember when he said Tech 9 is the greatest performer ever… Still stand by that one fat fuck???

    • Dmv4eva$

      What about Charlie clips Neva having thirds,and spitting dem shitty freestyles ?or conceited not writing?ill beat j.c. ,qp had two good battles against b majic,and Rosenberg raw..quit hating

      • Razor

        Shitty freestyle or not Charlie Clips generally wins the battle though that’s a horrible fuckin comparison…. When did Conceited not write for a battle are you dumb enough to think he’s freestyling??? Another horrible fuckin comparison… Why am I even arguing your points are dumb as fuck… You’re a faggot along with whoever thumbs up that comment

        • Eric Kelly

          Naw,dumb azz..he used some old shit against holla,dats why smack wasn’t gone drop it..and data ur opinion about clips,don’t make it fact..and what was horrible about da comparison ?damn near every battler fucked up except for a couple,and u didn’t name none of em..Charlie clipse wit dat dumb sike shit..and u callin me a faggot lets me know ur a clown,u e thug,and don’t get no pussy..go play in traffic

        • Razor

          Bro you suck at spelling, syntax fucking everything please retake every fucking English class in Elementary and below goddamn…. I’m not even addressing any of this dumb shit you’re saying… Like I said.. You’re a faggot please kill yourself fuckboy

        • Eric Kelly

          It’s because when u have the good shit,spell check takes over,and I’m not going to go back and fix it..CSU co 2010..where did u graduate from?where do u work?who’s name is on yo mortgage?my life shits on yours,and I’m pretty sure I can beat yo azz..kick rocks clown

        • Razor

          LMAO this faggot wants to know so much about me hahaha… The mortgage is under your Mom’s name FAG fuck outta here bitch boy… No one who doesn’t understand the basic concept of spelling and grammar can ever have a better life than mind that’s called an oxymoron dumb fuck… Only thing you can beat is your gay lovers dick faggot… Now kindly kill yourself…

          By the way your last name is very BITCHlike… At least lie it’s the fucking internet little bitch fuck outta here

        • Eric Kelly

          Someone who doesn’t,can’t ever have a better life than mine..u just proved u was stupid,tryna prove u was smart..u fucking idiot,go get some money broke boy,cuz u damn sho ain’t tryna go get no English credits..fucking scrub

        • Razor

          Another slew of rambling incoherent statements from a faggot named Kelly…. You done bitch boy? You sure have a hell of a life responding to another dude on a website about battle rap… Sheesh don’t you have a mortgage to worry about you dumb piece of shit???

        • Eric Kelly

          What’s incoherent ? my above reply was fixing the shit u was trying to say stupid..and no I don’t have to worry about a mortgage,I have a job..quit messaging me,cuz u can’t whoop my azz..learn how to spell,and structure shit idiot

        • Razor

          Learn how to spell and structure shit LMAOOOO!!! It’s funny because you fucked up the sentence as you typed it dumb fuck hahaha… You’re a dumbass beyond words shut the fuck up and worry about your “mortgage” and job at McDonald’s fuck boy…. Your last name is Kelly you should get FAGGOT tattooed across your face for that alone FUCK outta here you little bitchmade faggot

  • these nuts

    I believe QP is a real nigga but he’s trashhhhhhhhhh ass a battle rapper..Lost interest in him after his battle in detroit..fuck all yall niggaz who think different..

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    First off I think we need to quit acting like getting Charlie Clips is a big deal. Anyone can get Charlie Clips. Dirtban Dan can get Charlie Clips. Hollohan can get Charlie Clips. Tony D can get Clips. And also, Clips has more chokes/stumbles than any top tier battle rapper. (Serius Jones, Magic, Tony D, Arsonal, and now Young Ill) so while I respect clips he takes damn near anyone and he chokes a lot.
    Second off and more importantly, QP is sayin all these top tier guys fuck up and they keep getting battles but its different when you are top tier and established and you fuck up and when you are still in the PG phases and fuck up. Loaded Lux chocking and fucking up in the first round is one thing….QP doing the same thing is a different story. Hitman Holla not creating a 3rd round is one thing but you cant d that shit when u still in the PG’s. Being the main attraction of a show has it perks and getting leeway and fuck ups is one of those perks. You gotta get to my spot if you want my perks. How u gon want my perks from 5 levels below me? The World doesn’t work like that.

  • clash

    dont know what yall see in QP

    • Gee

      Cuz u don’t kno bout that street shit pussy

      • North

        No, because he’s not a dumb ass.

      • clash

        So QP is the only battle rapper spittin street shit?.. you sound dumb AF!.. QP is garbage thats why he’s not battlin now. He couldn’t hang wit no body from his class and surely would get bodied by any of these new PG bols.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Flow,Delivery,the fact he freestyles almost all his rounds and they still sound hot,his music,looks hot and he uses crazy multis with meaning.

      • Jones

        His flow is whack, his bars are elementary and his freestyles are stupid. He also looks like a rat and talks like a dumbass.

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          You mad? lol you lost a long time ago.

  • Gee

    The more fans u get the more watered down the content gets..bunch of white boys and bitches fuccin the game ..url use to have a street fan base that kno barz now it’s a bunch of Honkiez who get hype ova abc wordplay and predictable barz an personals

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Now that whitee has stepped in they think antics and jokes are what win battles.

  • Truth

    He claims he began the whole slow-it-down? Nigga, your IQ isn’t high enough to have even originated the remixing. He does have a point about URL and it’s biasses to it’s “top” rappers but he has to cut his ego down by half.

    • gerald wicks

      They all got the idea from mr.say it again that was the point he was trying to make

  • Dee Hall

    qp had a great point .yung ill battle against cortes what happened to that .yung ill was horrible so they aint never putting that out then yung ill next battle with ored wack as shit so why is he on the stage again ???? what have yung ill done lately to earn a battle because he is last two was garbage

  • Cozzo36

    What a gay name

  • Cozzo36

    Norbes growing some balls ever since he reared his fat ugly head on the tv screens. He needs to leave url now before he brings down the culture more than hes already done. Norbes is a coffee tea boy and thats he will always be

  • Cozzo36

    Ha norbes caught out chatting shit. AS USUAL he knows nothing!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    I agree with qp they hating on him becuz im still waiting on that battle with him and john john


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