Quantum Physics (QP) | Tone Montana’s Bars have “Diminished and Dissolved”


In FB’s UnbiasReview group, QP posted the following status…

” Specifically for him to be a self proclaim lyricist really puzzles me… Because when he battle his attempts with wordplay and punch lines to keep pace with the sons/innuendos the m ciddys bmagics Ty laws … Are unsuccessful … And for him to run around telling niggas qleen killed me… When my nogga qleen wouldn’t say he killed from his own two lips is laughable …”QP (Quantum Physics)

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U think u won cuz u use complex word play but that’s not all battling is bout he embarased u!! No dick ridin homie! U choked ! U got exposed! U disrespected a dead man from your area and u lost ya name Ftr I’ll kill u and the other qp no favoritism here nigga but u lost u didn’t die but u lost so did remy and btw I’m lookin for a victim for Chicago get off Facebook and think about this offer to lose again“-Tone Montana


From here, things take an unexpected turn as QP basically claims that he ghost wrote for Lotta Zay in his URL battle vs Tone Montana…

I killed Tone Montana already … You remember when Lotta Zay battled him? ?? Of course you do… I’m not writing for you twice …. And once the battle between me and QP upload and I win the polls I want 1500$ too for 3 two minute rounds against a washed up Wisconsin that can’t further my already impressive battle rap career“-Quantum Physics

Tune in to URLTV.TV for further details as this story develops…

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