• sampirlo

    young Gattas vs ms Hustle smack set it up

  • Mental_Liberator

    Gattas got this 3-0, 2-1 at the minimal. ppl talking about she lost b/c of fat jokes and what not, since when has jokes means a person automatically loses a battle, so that means T-Rex, DNA, Hollow da Don, Diz, Charlie Clips, QP, JC, etc have all lost their battles b/c they use jokes as their setup as well sometimes. Gattas win this, no debating. her running around, i admit, was corny, and this was definitely not her best performance, but can anyone honestly sit her and say Chayna out-wrapped her w/that boring tiredsome delivery, and Gattas even touched on that in the 3rd rd by breaking down that whack flow. alhamdulillah

    • myian barnes

      There was nothing wrong with her using jokes, I think she may have used a few too many but some of them were funny. She had some ill punches and a great performance. I don’t think she lost, I think Chayna just won. She came out on some no nonsense, seek and destroy shit, and I just think she was just a little bit better. Much respect to Gattas, she is probably the most complete female emcee out there from an all around standpoint. I just think Chayna kicked some powerful spit, that first round was one of the best of the year, hands down. I just watched that again….

      • Mental_Liberator

        Chayna was aight, but what good is bars w/o a decent delivery and performance. her attitude seemed so nonchalant, and like she was just reciting her ghostwriter or something. Gattas is the one that came in like she wasn’t ready to play lol. you said Chayna was on some seek and destroy, when Gattas brought was more fire. and that prop bar by Chayna basically summed up the rest of her performance, dry. you can’t lie my dude, there was nothing that great about Chayna’s performance, even the bars were subpar if not for Gattas bouncing all around the place my G. dig

        • RogerBliddack

          Dude, Stop lyin’ to yaself. Yes it was a classic battle, but at the end of the day…. C.Ash clearly ran over Gattas like a Mac Truck vs. roadkill. (Bar-for-bar. Performance wise. Everything. Top to bottom)

        • Mental_Liberator

          you must be Chayna Ashley’s little sister. classic? i can tell you just started watching rap battles. this lame battle. both of them was trash and raggedly to be honest. i can think of at least 2 Phara battles better than this, Tori Doe’s, Jaz Rapper vs QB, 40 Bars vs QB, etc. go get a life your no-knowing-sh*t about rap so-called fan. bar for bar, if you measure that, clear to see who had the hardest most entertaining bars. performance, the fat chick barely paced the ring. hope off mines lame. tired of lame ppl and their false assessments. a lot of ppl’s elevators don’t go up these days i see, lay off the haze homie

        • RogerBliddack

          Shut the fuck up with your 3rd grade insults. Nobody talking about OTHER battles. We talking about THIS ONE. Between your dumbass insults, your manlove for Gatta’s gay ass persona & bars, plus your your inability to stay ‘on topic’.. you prove that you have too much estrogen in your bloodstream. Only weak-minded females ramble off at the gums with weak-ass comebacks when they have nothing meaningful to contribute. just like you have done several times while cheerleading Gattas, you bitchnigga. Log-off & keep yo’ bitchass away from that keyboard before you ruin your nail polish. Nigga you cannot tell me shit about ‘classic battles’ while you got the cotdamn nerve to live in denial about this battle. FOH!

        • Mental_Liberator

          yep, my ADD kicking so bad i didn’t sit hear reading you ranting like a little girl. anyways, it’s simple-minded ppl like you that destroy the culture, can’t even judge the battle behind someone’s image. you hating on the girl b/c of her sexuality, didn’t know this was a gender bender contest. anyways, to each their own, i guess everyone has diff perceptions. some enjoy hearing tons of fabricated gun bars w/an unenthused delievery over energy and jokes and bars that are entertaining. no sense in explaining myself to an idiot. seems a monkey-see monkey-do society. this the reason certain rappers don’t get the push from ppl that can’t judge an effin’ battle. no way in hell Chayna won that battle, but again, we talking about a ppl that gangbang, brag of what kind of kush they burn their brains with, ppl that bow to a white Jesus, and exploit their women for NO reason. anyways, peace simpleton

        • Mental_Liberator

          Classic? some very dumb ppl in this world w/low expectations all i have to say

  • ms marjane

    i’ve never been a chayna fan, but she went in.. never seen her this dope. gattas wasn’t really fuckin with her bar for bar. chayna 3-0.

    • Edwin Stagg

      okay chyna ashley we know this yo big milk cartoon shape body having ass

    • Razor

      Always that one dickrider or hater to say some dumbass shit… She clearly loss the first round… Stop…

      • myian barnes

        You clearly didn’t get Chayna’s first then. she bodied the game with that one.

        • Razor

          “bodied the game”…….. Nigga shut the FUCK up with that shit she barely dissed Gattas at all the entire round… You niggas are DUMB how the fuck do niggas not even understand the concept of battling anymore… Get a hobby this shit ain’t for you

        • ms marjane

          exactly. that’s what i’m sayin – i wouldn’t give gattas 2nd or 3rd, whatsoever. gattas’s first round was really not poppin after chayna broke that bitch down – ‘you just a bag, fulla tricks and wigs / cuz you a fuckin’ clown’. obviously some of y’all are gattas fans, but i barely fuck with her either.

  • God Awful

    I gave it to Gattas. Both were good but I like Gatta’s bars better.

  • Yung Hollow’s BigT

    Im mad bishh like Gambit I bring fire to the card >> hmmh!

  • Yung Hollow’s BigT

    Gattas can put a lotta male URL rappers to sleep. Put em to rest for eternity. Girl blazes

    • 984

      wtf u talking about QB & swave bodied her’…. she betta then jazz & hustle that fo sure. E-hart , Miss Fit would be a great match. But dont gass here cuz she didnt even put Chayne to sleep, so how she put dem url niggaz to sleep? SMACK SET IT UP, THIS WAZ A CLASSIC!

      • A D

        Qb nor swave bodied her ….drect fault for not showing up correct that battle..plus qb and swave were liight that battle….body? Your exaggerating.

      • Yung Hollow’s BigT

        Nay man u got it all wrong but ama let u off the hook. Gattas hot

  • Miami

    That Goofy ass hairdo, them goofy ass bars, goofy ass performance, dry ass jokes….Where did Gattas win at?? She was dope vs Bonnie but act like she coked up vs C.Ash lol….Chayna got it 3-0 “I only give bitches the win when I choke” #GrownWomanBars

    • Edwin Stagg

      ms miami shut your tranny looking ass up you dont even rank

      • Miami

        Lol tf is Ms.miami n who tf is you?? U getting some promo off dis shit or sumthin?? Calm yo “I wanna be a #1 fan ass down” lol

        • Edwin Stagg

          you know who you are dont play stupid
          IS YOU SALTY BRO?

  • sbtheemcee

    Gattas 2-1

  • myian barnes

    rd1 tie but Chayna shit was something speial and mean, I’ll get back to that
    rd Chayna, close though
    rd 3 tie.

    Chayna wins a CLASSIC. I gotta say this was one of the better battles I’ve seen in awhile, the laadies put on a couple of classics in the last couple month(40 v Dutchess). I couldn’t argue this one going either way but for me, who normally don’t rock with Chanyna vs hard punch line rappers, I gotta say she put on. Gattas was clean, but Chayna’s gritty real shit was just crushing all of those jokes Gattas had to me. Beyond that, pay real close attention to that 1st round scheme, the Lucifer/Jehova one, peep the shirt she had on, the entire message was ill and done very well. Excellent shit from both though, #Zalute

  • Swerve

    I’ll fuck Gattas

  • myian barnes

    Lemme break down this scheme real quick, it impressed the fuck outta me…. “Now, we’ve been down this road before,
    Y’all know, this gone get critical,
    Lucifer vs Jehova the showdown will be biblical,
    But this time, I(taking the roll of the devil) will Buy Bull(Bible, but peep the entendre, the Bull, the golden calf idol the hebrews worshiped, also the head of baphomet is a bull’s)
    I’mma break down the door(the gates of heaven were closed to the devil and his followers),
    I’mma put heaven on earth(the devil masks the people with illusion giving them all of there earthly desires to turn them from God)
    And bring Hell to the Lord!”

    That is easily one of the best schemes I have heard in a battle, how the fuck could Gattas win the first….


    • myian barnes

      and she has on a”Belly of the Beast” T-shirt on….she planned to make a statement right here…

    • Islam_Tesla

      Daylyt just did a crazier religious scheme vs Cityy Towers.

    • just me

      nothing more need to be said i agree 1000 percent

  • XtraTrstrL

    Chayna without the choking is a problem. Gattas spazzed, like she always does.

    Don’t see how Gattas can battle Chayna, but not E. Hart though, seeing as she’s at QOTR here.

    Whatever tho, great battle.

    • ms marjane

      Thank you. I wish we saw more of e-hart in general, cuz that bitch can bar brawl. im not a gattas fan, but i think she got bonnie for that paper on kotd.. otherwise, she doesn’t really impress much. she wishes she was ms fit.

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    Chayna 3-0, Chaynas stage presence, bars, flow, lyricism was too much. her style is gutta.

  • bigbiglittle

    are yall serious about the gattas verses them jawns was garbage

    • Ugonalearntoday

      I give gattas the win simply because of the shirt chayna was wearing and for saying the lords name in vein. gattas wins by default. same reason why I no longer buy pusher t albums or download his music. STAND UP FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING.

      • clash

        you sound dumb as shit

  • whatup

    Young Gattas would kill hittman holla better bars and performance.

  • expect.tha.best

    CHAYNA 21/2 – 1.5 real talk

    • Swagg

      Nigga how does 2 1/2 to 1.5 equal 3? Stop tryna be all technical you dumb nigga. Just say 2-1.

      • clash

        LMAO, right!

    • ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶

      Your math is off…….. o.O” Kids, stay in school.. smh

  • Diddy

    2-1 Ash

  • Rearal

    Gattas reminds me of Bill Collector ….

  • Jlove

    Babs hips though

  • Dat Nicca

    Good battle. Gattas 2-1.

  • InvigorousInnovator

    Gattas bodied this broad!! Stop hatin (7)



  • Famp

    CHAYNA..got this one not debating..3-0 Good battle tho.. There’s just levels to this shit..



  • Wolfpack Toma

    Gattas 2-1

  • flipper773

    That Young Gattas & Boonie was more of a classic. Gattas took this one. Chyna is nice thou. Gattas edged the 1st rd. Took the 2nd & 3rd. Gattas 3-0

  • e money

    if u think chayna won this, u wilding. i respect her gangsta but her delivery is reggie. she had concepts, a prop and some bars but gattas got multis, bars, jokes and presence. i think she top 3 females. 2-1 gattas

  • Jamal Henderson

    gattas 3-0 easy bars….jokes…..performance total package ashley was dope also maybe 2-1 for real.

  • Henry Xcels

    I’m a call it 2-1 Gattas, her bars were just better, she was more entertaining…C ash is def that deal tho,even tho she chokes she one of the best in QOTR

  • A D

    I read the comments and was like oh maybe gattas lost…….then I watched the battle….and it was obvious chayna was outclassed. …night and day…..yall are some wierdos say chayna won…..like what line did chayna have that compared to gattas split personslities scheme…gatta won….nice watch chayna did her thing …but lets be real now

  • HDTheProducer

    I like this chick Gattas… she would give some url rappers work

  • Reginaldo Marshall

    im sorry but..”they wouldnt pay a cent-to-meet- her so how can i measure your worth” (centimeter) #Bars and honestly if you say chyna 3-0 thats a lie….i say 2-1 gattas cause real talk the only round ashley held her shyt down was the 3rd….1 and 2 gattas literally matched her bar for bar..just being fair

  • Omega


  • Omega

    proud of em both

  • Acebooncoon

    Smh chayna disappointed me… She let a battle rapper that’s not even built for this type of battle rap environment come through and do her dirty. Gattas earned a lot of respect from me in this battle. This battle wasnt even competitive. I’ve also noticed that people use prop when they lack the skill to use words to get their point across. Props should be banded from battle rap. This shit would have been a body if it wasnt for chayna’s last round. Damn near 3-0 for Gattas

  • Tony

    Battle could go 2-1 either way. I have Gattas winning 1st. Draw in the 2nd. C-Ash clearly winning the 3rd. Gattas is my favorite female battle rapper, but this battle was light. C-Ash brought more complex schemes than she usually does.
    Myian Barnes, the Lucifer vs. Jehovah scheme was good, but you’re gassin’ the fuck out of it. Buy-Bull had nothing to do with the Golden calf or bull or baphomet. Dude, chill.
    Either way, good battle. Anyone saying 3-0… just stop watching battle rap.

  • ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶

    Ash won this. 2-1… Classic


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