• OwkwerdzHat

    I hope QueenzFlip gets hit by a bus b. that nigga is annoying

    • Airdome

      shut up.
      why are all you urlTV accounts bitching bout this nigga all the damn time…he doin he thig and adding something new to the game…stop bitching

      • dipset

        Queenz flip is that you nigga?

      • lijamik

        its not that we don’t like him. well yea nvmd his interviewing skills suck. and he dont look like he knows what he talking about

      • buckshit

        lo,l right i think that nigga funny as hell. he said ” what about you Norbes-bird” i was dyin!!

    • barondebxl

      QueensFlip is a cool ass dude.

  • Airdome

    That Lebron factor and X-James had me on the floor yo, cryin

    • z

      i dont cry nigga

  • truedatnigga

    you know niggas is bros, goodz said he was dickin his mother i wouldve popped off

  • Mr Bias !!!

    Keep it coming y’all salute Biasgang

    • Puts twerk

      Eat a dick faggot.

  • They Love Silk

    Nigga qf look like a thumb lmao

  • Macmar415

    Clips is funny as hell. He said you ain’t go no neck, when you eat food go straight to your heart LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He said his hat so tight it looks like he’s having a blood pressure test LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Punch_Ya

    That nigga in the intro is a prime example of why New York rap doesn’t have its own identity anymore…coping that watered down south bullshit out of laziness and that songs garbo too…Yall shouldn’t claim that ASAP bullshit either, at least Jada and Nas didn’t switch up

  • yall niggas is divas asking for 20 to 40 thousand for a battle when niggas in kotd get paid less and don’t complain about shit. smack and the url are not millionaires yet be grateful ur getting 5 thousand to 15 thousand for a damn battle. most of u niggas don’t even come prepared with 3 fire rounds yall slacking and giving us fans bullshit performances and wack ass battles real talk.

  • cozzo36

    Smurf looking dusty yo!! Ohhing and ahhing at every silly little bars. He a culture vulture!!!

  • cozzo36

    Goodz is just not funny. Seems like he just another charlie clips wannabe. Cardboard niggas

  • HDTheProducer

    these niggas to be on here every week, this shit is funny

  • Art

    goods is a reed dollars hater. I always liked goods he top tier, but reed dollars and cyssero will kill him. he never battles either. who has he battle with a big name since hitman. take a new young nigga, but don’t talk about active battles if u never really battle. and I like goods but reed got bars, and more punches then goods. bars over them jokes. goods beat his last 2 battles on jokes. suge and x factor. once again I like goods as a battle rapper but facts is facts


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