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  • ms marjane

    tez’s shit was official in this joint – good lookz

    • CHUCKP 317 MOFO

      best tez ever been… body bag …….. tez won

  • Boss

    Tez spazzed this battle.. I gave diz the 1st because he freestyled the entire 1st but tez did his thing

  • Edwin Stagg


  • locks

    cortez killed himmmm damm i didnt know he had it in him

  • Florida Boy

    Diz has his moments but he just aint my cup of tea…..Tez got busy he was rhyming circles around Diz basic ass

  • sinclaire

    Tez got one clearly finally lol. Tez vs ill will…..

    • http://www.RUOfficial.com/ RUOfficialDOTcom

      hahahaha! HELLL NO! Ill Will will embarrass Tez

      • booga

        nigga you only watched 2 of ill will battles if you talking like that

  • long williams

    cortez got this. dont —————8

  • nine5for

    cortex forced time limits he lost

    • WTF?

      niggerow you must be crazy if you think people want to stand there in that hot ass box and listen to Diz spit basic filler until he feels he has had enough… fuck outta here…

      • nine5for

        ur on the computer wtf u care about how hot it was in there for? the more bars the batter we lost if anything

  • url judge

    Cortez beat Diz too ez, Diz its the Proving Grounds for you bro, I have never heard such trash. That might fly at king of the dot but those bars were hot trash, I don’t think I heard 1 hot bar. Maybe its me, maybe I expect too much.

    • Florida Boy

      Naw a lot of us feel that way bout him on here

    • Logic

      Nah man. Diz got busy too. Tez was just better. Tez 3-0. Diz is one of the most skilled battle MCs in the world. Just because he doesn’t spit that street shit doesn’t mean he’s trash. He’s far from trash. Even the URL MCs themselves won’t say Diz is overrated. This is a game all about preferences.

  • Steven Haynes Jr.

    Real Shit neither cortez or diz on my top 5, especially tez, but this is the best new battle i’ve seen in a minute.

  • thad

    Damn Tez bodied Diz and Diz bodied Swave. Tez vs Swave would be a good look for both of them since they cant seem to get to top tier status. Norbes set it up…

  • Chromezzz


  • kboogie

    hell naw ill will wud kill both of these MC

  • Henry Xcels

    maaaan I dont know what everybody else watched, i thought this was a good ass battle, Cortez had bars for days and Diz had bars plus his performance is so animated and his world play is so crazy he always captivates the crowd. as far as a winner I can’t call it, I see it 2-1 either way depending on which style you like most.

  • Pappy Mason

    Cortez 3-0 EZ he went in the i ever seen TEZ he went good shit you needed this win

  • http://www.RUOfficial.com/ RUOfficialDOTcom

    I can’t really call this battle for neither, if I were TEZ, I would not have taken this. This was only a week after Diz battled T-Rex if I am correct? Which is obvious by the 99.9 percent freestyle Diz is throwing out in this bout. As decent as Cortez came, I honestly cannot give him high props on this win. Also, Diz is letting me down as well, he is completely over-saturating his image and destroying the once “excitement” I use to have to some degree whenever he had a battle pending. IMO, the best TEZ I’ve seen was him vs Hollohan. That is also one of my favorite overall battles, had some great replay value on account on his angle and delivery. Anyway, I didn’t enjoy this battle, Cortez came okay, Diz just bullshitted his way through it. I’m pretty much sick of even seeing Diz on the camera now (along with many other ‘veterans’)

    • booga

      that is not a reason for a poor showing for diz cause he was gonna battle rex last year dec so he had bars ready for him not like he had to write for both back to back

  • Raymond

    Cortez 3 – 0, in Dizaster city. Damn! Not a body, because Diz had some stuff. Combination of this being the nicest I’ve seen Cortez and one of the wackest I’ve seen Dizaster. Two things; 1) Diz lost, but he’s not trash. He’s just overrated. He took Cortez lightly, and got his head bit off. I told people not to sleep on Cortez in small venue 2) Cortez might not lyrically be where a lot of these cats are at. And maybe it’s just his style, (Goodz and K-Shine too) but he has an authenticity to his gun and trap lines. I think Goodz and K are better than Tez, don’t get me wrong. But all three do good in smaller venues because you can’t help but to feel the realness when they rap. Shine is a better big stage performer. When you spit next to a block boy like Cortez, if you talk gunplay and it doesn’t come across real, then your bars seem candy. Cortez might lose to a lot, but every once in a while, he can land that punch. Goodnight, Diz.

  • snoop500

    Cortez killed that weak ass dude lol why he battle that dude anyway

  • Jenkins Nyahn

    Never seen Diz 3-0 before but ill give him a pass jus cus the battled a monster the night before. Guess I still don’t wanna give this spic his credit but whatever

  • fr3sh243

    Cortez All THe Way!!!!

  • myian barnes

    Dizaster spit more filler than freestyle. I don’t know why everyone says its all freestyle, because it isn’t. Matter of fact, in the second, Cortez freestyled more than Diz and it was better as it was a seamless transition to the written. It’s easy to tell when Diz switches to the writtens, whenever he starts spitting those rapid fire multis. Either way, Cortez took it. I do think Dizaster is improving, he doesn’t stumble and choke and blame Earl anymore. Both of these guys are improving, Cortez is far more polished though and it showed.

  • koonta_kinta

    not one memorable line in this whole battle…battle rap is oversaturated, shit is getting weaker and weaker, thank you smack for fucking up hip hop

  • Dat Nicca

    You cats are simply sleeping on Cortez. The nicca went out to Stl to battle Metta in his hometown, and didn’t only beat Metta, he won over the whole small room crowd with his performance. Just like any other battler, Cortez can have an off day here or there, but when he is on (e.g. Hitman battle, Hollohan battle, Dizaster Battle, Head Ice battle), he can rap with the best of them.

    The only cats who would say otherwise are either Dotmobb lovers or Cortez haters…PERIOD. Smack already knows the deal with Cortez, which is why he keeps paying Tez top-tier money. I say eff the haters. Keep handling business Cortez! You’ll win them all over eventually.

  • bighustle

    Definitely one of Cortez’ best battles, I’ll give him the W, but I thought Diz did his thing.

  • Q-Style

    that battle was kool.. both did good. Tez egded it tho

  • Gary Santos

    hate when is a bad bitch in the crowd.. I cant focus on the battle lol

  • Tony Brown

    Cortez 3 zip em’

  • rexchap

    i sure hope you cats FINALLY realized that Diz has ALWAYS been HOT GARBAGE!!! Those corny ass KOTD and GT fans thought he was the shit. He needs to disappear like Okwerdz…glad you finally see the jig has BEEN up !! Go take a shower, ya nasty sweaty bastard!!!!! Got nerve to actually thinks he BELONGS…TFOH!!!

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    Yo Diz one Cortez was soft AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Waka

    Diz had the bat mobile flow in places, but still wasn’t enough, cortez went in bared up. 3-0

  • the5thgod

    Wasn’t even gonna watch this battle cuz to me neither one is that nice, but it was a good battle.

  • Url757

    It’s crazy because…. The video RIGHT UNDER THIS Diz say. ” Surf is overrated ” … He shits on Surf ( As a battle rapper )…. Then takes a 3 – 0 L.. To Cortez.. It’s at the point where. Cortez could battle Nuborn.. That’s the level he on.. Lol. But back to what I was saying..

    Diz.. Is fucking trash.! You ass…
    Cortez.. Is fucking trash to.. But he won this battle.. What is he.. 3 – 8 now.? Lol.

  • Mwangi

    Cortez 3-0, I always thought diz was trash and could only use that say a whole bunch of nothing style and beat wack dudes with aggression. And tez is one of the most slept on battlers, son’s nice.

  • TankvsHindu

    Dizaster is WEAK ASS FUCK!!!!!

  • tony two timez

    Hmmm DIZ Snapped as alwayz for one loaded lux choked u you yung niggaz say he almighty diz can freestyle he is known for bodying niggaz its not new its sad yall can never be unbias and say somebody not black who actually has every gun ya favorite battle rapper talks about is garbage can’t be if u watched the battle CORTEZ SNapped diz snapped I got tez rd 1 diz 2 n 3

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ


  • CPG718

    DICKinTHEASSTER Lost! Tez finished that fool! He better NEVER show his terrorist face in the URL or NY EVER again! LOL

  • Lace The Great

    Is it me or was Dizaster first round a mimic of Dalyt?

  • LOE

    If Tez bring it like this for now on he will be a force on the URL.. This is the best I seen Tez. I can’t believe Diz got smoked like that. Tez came out swinging and gave him that work. I thought Diz would eat him b4 the battle but Tez been working on his craft n it showed !!!!! Wow. Great job Tez.. Yo Diz humble urself cuz u just got knocked the FREk OUT!!


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