• lijamik

    smack please get rid of this queensflip nigga. he is ass

    • ScottyPimpen33

      Smack? Queensflip is on his own grind. He ain’t go through smack to do this. And I bet you still watched the whole thing.

      • lija

        yes i did cause my boy charlie and dna was in it. but everytime that dude talked i felt like shuting down my computer

  • DR


  • Dodged

    Norbes being pussy. Charlie Clips is a prime example of battle rappers not bringing them bars in.

  • FuckQueenzFlip

    Why in the fuck did URL put this fat nigga QueenzFlip down with their team?

    • Mr Bias !!!

      I’m not down with the. Boi boi

  • Chris Disney

    This Queenzflip nigga is fucking annoying.

    • barondebxl

      I think he entertaining as hell.

      • URL

        That’s because you’re a fucking retard.

        • barondebxl

          Whatever makes u happy.

  • lijamik

    i like how clips put him on the spot so many times. this dude is trash, he keeps cutting the people off and he clearly dont know what he is talking about

  • Gene

    although I wanted to hear what these guys had to say, this CORNY ASSED BIRD interviewer ruined watching the rest of this… WORST BLOGGER/INTERVIEWER of ALL TIME..

  • DeeezNuuuts83

    Dude looks like Twista

  • Wes

    PrincessFlip is only using Smack to get his name and music a buzz. He just started watching battle rap a year ago. And Norbes was quiet as a church mouse. He only talk shit when he talking to Syco and 40 oz Jess or on the radio out of arms reach of niggas. And Clips you ass my nigga. You did you’re thing against Tay Roc but other than that you haven’t showed me shit.

    • Mr Bias !!!

      HAHAHAHAH I like that Princessflip

  • Art

    Nigga’s be sleeping on reed. What they gone say when he pull a loaded lux move? But I like John John. It good 2 see reed back.

    • p waters

      GTFOH!!!!! reed aint got bars like lux gun gun bar aggression simplicity thats all you getting from him.

      • myian barnes

        You get a gritty authenticity. Reed’s story seems more genuine than most rappers. When I say story, I mean the one painted in his verses. His freestyles were incredible, his battles were usually one sided. He doesn’t fit into today’s scene but it’s weird that his talent never got him an industry deal.

  • Waka

    This was a good opportunity to sort some shit out, instead these fools spent 40 minutes playing with each others nuts. GTFOH Battle rap fans need you fools to take this shit SERIOUS

    • lija

      the rappers tried to be for real but “bird nigga” was all about jokes

  • Spike

    I will never watch an interview by this guy again. I waisted my time watching this guy try to be funny. Where is UNBIASED REVIEW? Chris does the best interviews…

  • trev

    dat nigga clipz called beasley a water down turkey frank lol

  • juice27

    queenzflip you got no neck..you a bird a$$ nigga lol

  • Gee

    I was gonna watch this but I can’t watch shit with the number one dicc rider Norbes

  • queen of the bling

    Queenzflip blogs can be unorthodox and annoying at first, but this blog was entertaining to me. I see his movement…..He doesn’t have the typical blogs and I think that’s what will make him successful.

  • pimpin slimm

    U niggas r sorry goofy ass blog get on sum real talk shit

  • DipsetFool

    Iron Sheik looks like Tsu Surf and DNA’s love child

  • Mr Bias !!!

    Lol I know I respect it but in MRBIAS AND IM LIVE

  • cozzo36

    Any promo is good promo, who else is putting these guys outhere? You?? Fuck outta here wid dat subtractional bullshit, its buliding and progression and thats all that counts, soon the url will be like the ufc and will blow up in the next few years to be a worldwide brand and it will be down to smack and everyone supporting the scene around him!! Url to rap is wat ufc is to boxing!!! Real talk

  • halftime

    If I hear Bird Ass N one more time, I’ma jump off the fucking roof!!!!! Playboy in the middle is fucking annoying


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