Raekwon Goes On Strike From Wu-Tang Clan



After an internal rift becoming very public last fall, Raekwon has finally broken silence revealing his future with the group. Original Wu-Tang Clan member, The Chef spoke earlier with RollingStone music, announcing he officially taking a strike from the Shaolin collective.

The group plans to drop their first album in nearly 6 years being A Better Tomorrow, which he and Ghostface are the only members that have not recorded material. While RZA is touting the upcoming project as the last ever Wu-Tang Clan album, Raekwon has now shifted to a business first mindset with wanted to provide the fans the most quality project if he’s involved hence the recent strike. He went to reveal he’s not a fan of the current production seen on the new single “Keep Watch” as well as the upcoming album, but still feels the camp has relevant rhymes 20 years later. Read the entire interview HERE filled with Raekwon’s venting about recent music problems.

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