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  • Mayor Gloomberg

    The crowd was so wack. Both were bar heavy. Dope ass battle

    • brollick

      Agree i thought smack had the worst crowds until i seen rare breed ents. But verb won and hes gonna 3-0 swaves rosenberg losing ass too.

  • tycarterbk

    Good ish Boom, Edged it to Verb

  • ReeseG

    boom got off at the end but verb got it


    Boring!! They had barz but no wowyzowees

  • Gee

    Why it seem like everybody release shit faster than smacc? I’m bout to roll up dis dope thoo and see who came wit dat content

  • URL Stan

    Battle was Decent lmao another “top Tier” caught Slipping……Ah Di boom Won this

  • G0ldMember

    I wanna see math Hoffa vs murda mook “not loaded lux”

  • theluxlife2013

    nice boom.. but VERB.. shows up as a Vet should! Verb 1-0

  • Beezy4

    Just not feeling Ah di Boom, he jus ok. Verb won this battle.

  • DollarBill

    Sorry I can’t believe nothing Boom say! Seen the guy in action real nigga time. Where he from its farm and rural areas real talk! So when he say corners, blocks and traps he really mean grass, dirt roads and wanna be’s!! That nigga from Vineland NJ he not hood lol

    • Canin

      Who cares, I don’t believe any of the battle rappers. Who bars was better period!!!!

    • URL Stan

      Lol reasoning be crazy so verb aint get knocked an ran??? Guess verb more believe able

  • WTF!

    Verb its over nigga. just stick blogging you good at that shit.

  • Retorikal

    Man wtf is up with all this Gay Azz 1 round ish and these wack azz crowds They like Bad Punanni Dry azz Fu*k

  • Flame James

    Verb got this, you niggas is crazy for thinking he didn’t. Just cuz boom is extra animated don’t mean shit. Good one rounder though

  • Razor

    Ah Di Boom look like that dude off of the show King Of Queens….

  • Middleman

    Damn Aye verb gained weight,

    but shoot im still waitin on that chilla jones vs clips man

  • Spike

    Ah d boom just took advantage of a moment…good job!


    good battle was a draw

  • Florida Boy

    Damn the crowd acted like they was in the library or something…Boom did his #s but that forced scheme shit dont cut it for me….hard to win a 1 round battle sometimes but Verb took this tho

  • BuNDLeZz

    Ahdi got it .. presence was better aggression nd bars hit harder

  • ferb420

    Nigga Boom went off.

  • rexchap

    Shit was garbage, but Boom said better garbage than Verb! Boom!!!

  • Razor

    I gotta give this to Verb pretty decisively… Ah Di Boom comes off like a funny fat kid, with his high voice and matching first day of school outfit… He had some great lines however when you have someone like Verb who’s easily one of the best gunline rappers in history, you have to spit gunlines incredibly for it to be effective… Charlie Clips lines, Hanz lines, punched on camera lines we’ve heard others do it better…
    I don’t mean to come off so critical but I was expecting Boom to come with some shit because this is his shot but this was meh….. Verb knew this was a safe matchup I think I would’ve had more respect for him if he would have taken an up and comer who could put more pressure on him like Rum Nitty or even Ty Law

  • Axleprose

    Damn verbe shit was choppy and full of dead ends…..id follow then the scheme fell off wierd…..ah di didnt have to do much

  • Mula

    i think ahdi boom is trash.. too much animation for a fat niggah.. and his bars is madddd basic..idk if tis just me

  • Leekluv216

    Before I peep this battle I just wanted yall to know UW put Lux vs Hollow AND Surf vs Calicoe on youtube!!!!! Both dope ass battles!!! I gave the W to Hollow and Surf. Aight now I’ll peep this one…lol

  • Leekluv216

    I meannnn I THOUGHT Verb won until I heard Boom spit lmao. Boom 1-0

  • riccogage

    This is a fucking Dope battle verb is a painting picture words smith, Boom is a bar monsta I need 2 more rounds” Smack set up a 2 rd battle for new vs old with verb n boom!!!

  • rexless82

    Sick battle but crowd was whack, they was bar heavy.. verb I dont think he went all in but he spit some shit… but boom went bar heavy da whole round. .. boom won..

  • cam

    Verb been killing shit since that Cortez battle that nigga paint pictures vivid tha man is a beast flat out what he did2 dizaster smh made that nigga feel small azz hell

  • Z Dog

    aye verb went too light man…. Boom might have got this smh


    Win or lose… It was still a win for Censear Boom PERIOD.. because on the real as a “new nigga” he wasn’t even suppose to make the battle this debatable bein that verb is the caliber rapper he is claimed to be….. so verb lost in that area alone..

  • tycarterbk

    yall stupid dudes keep talking about Boom went off…what did he say? I’ll wait.

  • Ft_nyc

    Dope ass battle

  • Anonomister

    For every nice line Boom had, he had a whack or “said before” one. Niggas just be throwin as many punches as they can wit no substance. Verb wins but I doubt he even cares.

  • Htownwaddup

    Ah Di Boom nice. Edge it to Verb

  • God

    Verb is a fucking problem and gets no respect because he doesn’t give a fuck whether people like him or not. He definitely has bars and delivery.

  • TheMotherFucker

    This aint smack this crowd is controlled to allow them to finish their bars I still give it Aye Verb 1-0


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