REED DOLLAZ INTERVIEW IN THE CAR! Addresses Battling Bill Collector & Recaps Cassidy vs. Dizaster

It’S IN THE CAR!! Reed catches up with 15MOF recapping DIZ Vs Cassidy, speaks on Bill Collector & more.



  • Whatwhaa

    To Durant actually sounds AIGHT!!!!!

    • Florida Boy

       yea he shocked me he was really spittin

  • MilwaukeeKid

    pshh and niggas think they too big for battle rapping

  • Quentin P Wilkins Jr.

    much respect….

  • Swagg

    KD actually had a better verse the surf. I felt that, good shit my nigga.

  • Jamal

    i really wish durant aint get on camera with surf smoking fire and shit..nowadays niggas put shit all over the net fast…good shit though..battling taking niggas to new heights

  • yung

    dnt be surprise by durant bc he spitt with a nigga he signed out of philly joe world “privilege” check em out

  • Ozzy Orozco

    Surf is corny to me but KD spit some fire DAMN. Shit caught me off guard.

    • Jaheem Boykins

      how he corny? please elaborate

  • ajbunch45

    Why do i get this feel Surf and Suge are drifting apart from each other and msy even become rivals one day!…..I dont know, but i just sense shit sometimes physiology, just when you start to add other shit up too.. etc.
    Math : “Did Surf introduce you to Joe Buddens?”
    Suge: “I dont want to meet him.” (sarcastically)

  • ajbunch45

    oh yeah….him and Math make the best Music hands down
    Every other battle rapper music is mediocre or straight ASS!
    on my Ipod i regularly listen to both these dudes!!

    • Bob Smiles

      Ill have to disagree Loaded Lux and Surf make the best music out of any battle rapper. But I respect your opinion.

    • Jamal

      yeah shut that math shit up..loaded lux make wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better music than math..and surf nice too..

      • Gee

        Get off math dicc u clearly sound like a hater

        • Jamal

          im a hater because i said lux make better music than math? Nigga you on his dick..lux music is way more respected than u are the dick eater..thats like me saying jordan is better than kobe and u said get off kobe dick..u sound dumb as fuck

  • L.O.

    Surf doin his numbers out here! he took the interest generated from battle rap and blended it with hot music/ now he winnin!! don’t be suprised if KD invest in surf!!


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